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5 Top Tips For Ensuring Your Gifts Arrive in Time for Christmas

  • Written by Cate Hull, founder and CEO of FreightExchange

The festive season is in full swing and the Christmas shopping scramble is well and truly underway. This year Australians are expected to do most of their gift buying online and, with a nation-wide driver shortage and extreme weather events like fires and floods impacting roads, these tips will help ensure your gifts arrive under the tree well before the 25th of December.

1. Get In Early

It seems logical, but it is really important to order your gifts with enough time to ensure that the manufacturer or retailer can pack and send it early enough. Remember that it's not just the delivery companies that are busy and you need to ensure that your order is picked, packed and sent early enough to ensure it can be delivered on time.

2. Know The Delivery Deadlines

Most parcel delivery companies this time of year are publishing the cut off dates to ensure delivery by Christmas Day. You can go online and easily locate this information for each carrier, saving yourself any confusion or delays. It’s also well worth sending or ordering anything a few days earlier to give yourself a buffer for the unexpected.

3. The Address is Crucial

It is essential that your parcels are addressed correctly with all the details. Any important details that a delivery person may need should be included in the special instructions. While you may know that your address is Smith St but your front door is on John St, the delivery driver may not, so provide as much detail as possible. Spelling errors or missing instructions could delay your parcel and that could mean delivery after Christmas.

4. Choose the Correct Service

Many delivery providers within Australia offer multiple service types. Generally, the cheaper options are also the slower services so it may be worth a few extra dollars for the peace of mind that your gift will arrive on time. Again, the majority of carriers will publish this information online. Also, if your business is sending large items that parcel carriers won't take, like trampolines or swing sets, companies like FreightExchange can ensure you are connected to a delivery provider that can perform these deliveries.

5. Be Aware of Theft

It’s unfortunate, but Christmas is prime time for mail thieves. If you are able to, it's best to be home to receive your parcel or have it delivered to a friend or your work where you know it will be safe.


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