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Australia’s first hemp-based drink expands to international markets

A new Aussie-made brand is reaching global renown as it expands to an international market. Wellness brand +hemp (Plus Hemp), known for its distinct hemp-infused beverages and energy drinks, is expanding its lineup into South Korea along with the addition of a refreshing new flavour.

The brand’s claim to fame is the use of hemp as a food ingredient, a move which was only recently legalised in Australia in 2017 — making +hemp (Plus Hemp) the first brand to build it into a beverage. While hemp is an ingredient derived from the seed of certain varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, it contains no THC, meaning it does not have psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.

Natalie Beaini discovered the benefits of hemp when she began using it to treat her psoriasis. After seeing significant results, she began to include the natural ingredient in food and protein shakes, observing the nutritional benefits it brought to her busy lifestyle. Armed with the idea to bring a healthy alternative to the energy drink space, Natalie teamed up with a pharmaceutical lab to scientifically formulate the life changing water known as +hemp.

+hemp is an Australian-made natural beverage infused with vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12. It uses the omega-3 and omega-6 essential acids found in organically grown Australian hemp to hydrate and boost health, while botanical caffeine derived from green tea extract boosts energy levels, replacing the need for other energy drinks.

The brand is proud to be environmentally conscious and Australian-made, bringing its distinct flavours and natural taste to the international market, starting with an expansion to South Korea in 2022 and Japan in 2023, with pipelines into New Zealand and India in 2024. The brand will make an entrance with a new flavour in its lineup, +hemp Energy Dragonfruit, using Australian-grown ingredients to take on the global energy drink market.

Australians have welcomed the healthy alternative to sugary-sweet energy drinks, as +hemp pairs real fruit flavours with botanical caffeine from green tea extract, providing a hydrating boost for busy days. The brand is quickly becoming a fan-favourite, renowned for its vegan, organic, all-natural formulation, providing nutritional benefits without the use of sugar or gluten.

The international market is no stranger to innovative Australian brands, with many home grown labels reaching world-wide status. +hemp (Plus Hemp) is positioned to be the next notable brand to make an impression around the globe.


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