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Diolog launches world’s first two-way communications platform

Aussie entrepreneur Amy Benson is reinventing how companies communicate to better attract and retain investors    

Diolog, the Australian technology company and creator of the world’s first two-way investor communications software, Diolog, has today launched in Australia. Diolog’s SaaS technology will help strengthen businesses-investor relations as the tough economic climate heightens market competition.

Diolog was founded by ambitious entrepreneur and CEO, Amy Benson, as a solution to the one-way communication pattern that has damaged investor relationships and eroded investor confidence. 


With 97 per cent of investors changing their investment behaviours due to declines in portfolio value, it is more critical in today’s climate than ever that investors and publicly listed companies establish open lines of two-way communication. 


Diolog enables investors to feel confident in the decisions they are making by increasing accessibility to key information once exclusive to bi-annual earnings reports and annual general meetings. In today’s world, this won’t fly with investors, whose loyalty to the companies they invest in is reliant on convenience, open lines of communication and trust. Increasing the cadence of interactions enables businesses to rebuild the trust lost as a result of the inflexible and outdated one-way communications method, driving investor stickiness.


From an investor perspective, Diolog dispels market gossip by offering a centralised view of each company's reports and their interactions with the business in an easy-to-navigate mobile app. On the corporate side, companies are armed with real-time investor sentiment data, a collaborative response registry and risk management protocols to make communication better, faster.


“It should be as easy to communicate with a company as it is to buy their shares online,” said Amy Benson, founder and CEO of Diolog. “The archaic processes long held by the industry are leading to a lack of trust from investors. They’re also impacting retention as businesses struggle to understand and respond to shareholder needs, which opens companies up to considerable communication risks,” she said.


“Diolog mitigates these risks by reshaping the investor relations space - much like Xero has with accounting, or Employment Hero has with HR. Diolog's technology will set the strong foundations needed for IROs to thrive in their roles. We’re for breaking free from the shackles of legacy systems and providing businesses and investors with the tools they need to make investor communications better.”


Already counting publicly trading and listed companies such as Nova Eye Medical (ASX:EYE) and Playup as customers, Diolog has its eyes set on expanding its services to private companies in the coming months.


Diolog currently offers its software on a freemium model, with an option to upgrade to a premium package with optimised functionality for a monthly fee. Diolog is committed to making best-practice two-way investor communication accessible to all public companies, regardless of budget. 


About Diolog:

Founded in Australia in 2022, Diolog is the world’s first two-way investor communications platform that enables publicly listed companies to build trust, increase confidence and facilitate greater engagement with shareholders. In today’s economic climate, it is more critical than ever that investors and publicly listed companies foster relationships with one another to support the ecosystem as a whole. Diolog enables listed companies to efficiently receive and respond to shareholder communications, while shareholders are empowered to communicate via text or voice with the listed company via mobile app.


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