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Aussie-listed drone tech leader Elsight gets repeat order from major US firm

Australian listed tech company Elsight (ASX:ELS), a leading provider of AI-powered drone connectivity solutions, has got a shot in the arm through a repeat order from Censys Technologies Corporation, a major US drone manufacturer and services provider.

This order for its 'Halo' technology aligns with Elsight's focus on expanding recurring revenue, as it encompasses both upfront hardware sales and ongoing payments for the company’s cloud services known as 'AllSIght.'

It additionally serves as a validation of Elsight's growth strategy, known as 'Design-Win,' which aims to foster organic growth within the emerging drone industry. This involves early integration of the 'Halo' technology with drone manufacturers' products, enabling Elsight to grow alongside the rapidly expanding drone sector with minimal sales efforts and costs.

Censys Technologies Corporation is an ideal partner for Elsight due to its expertise in beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

Censys is a prominent provider of remote drone solutions for environmental services, infrastructure monitoring and inspection, disaster relief, and public safety. The Florida-based company serves both private and government organizations across the United States.

Yoav Amitai, CEO of Elsight said:

This order from Censys confirms the compelling and persistent value of ‘Halo’ as the ultimate connectivity solution for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (‘BVLOS’) drone operations.

We are delighted to continue this close partnership with Censys as they use the ‘Halo’ to provide their customers with an improved range of services.

This repeat order required minimal to no intervention from our sales team, which validates our ‘DesignWin’ strategy and its enormous power as a growth engine for the Company.

Elsight today has a substantial share of the drone market, and I firmly believe that we are perfectly positioned to grow with our DesignWin partners as the industry continues to evolve and achieve broader commercial adoption.

The flexibility inherent in the industry-agnostic ‘Halo’ means the various use cases being fielded by Censys will all be supported. We look forward to seeing Censys continuing to expand, building a long-term positive relationship between the companies.”

Elsight currently boasts over 90 Design-Win partners worldwide, representing various stages of development, from testing to implementation and service launch.

The order from Censys closely follows Elsight's recent win in a competitive tender process with the Israeli police and other departments under Israel's Ministry of National Security.

The company serves high-profile clients in the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia, including DroneUp, a delivery service provider used by US retail giant Walmart, as well as Brazil's SpeedBird Aero and Spright, the drone division of US medical services company Air Methods.


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