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5 tips to boost your business this Easter

With the Easter holidays almost with us, Marcus Marchant, CEO of Vista has shared his top tips on how small business owners can boost their business this easter.  



  1. Promote your trading hours 

A large portion of Australians are unsure about the availability and operational hours of businesses during public holidays. Make sure your customers are well informed by marketing your trading hours in advance. Easter tends to be a high-spending time for Australian’s so don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your sales. There are multiple ways to communicate your business hours including on your website, via social posts, flyers with Easter trading hours and posters.   


  1. Do your research 

Take advantage of the holiday trading period by researching frequently used keywords and incorporating them into your digital and SEO marketing strategy. Incorporating holiday-related keywords (where appropriate), will ensure your business is easier to find for new customers.   


  1. Run promotions 

Get creative and plan out fun promotional activities to engage customers, like an Easter egg hunt, be it in-store or on your website where customers can be in to win or receive promotional discount codes. This will not only introduce new customers to your business it will demonstrate your appreciation for your current customers too. While making your Easter product plans, think about grouping certain items together to encourage buyers to buy more and boost your sales.  


  1. Decorate and set the scene 

Incorporating Easter themed decorations on your company website can be a great way to pull customers in and explore what your business has to offer. Customers may also be inspired to engage with your business on seeing an eye-catching window display using window decals and shop floor using floor decals. Posters and staff t shirts can also prove eye catching and are an easy way to get into the Easter spirit.   


  1. Level up your packaging 

Why not fully embrace the easter season by levelling up your packaging? Either with a limited edition easter sticker which can be applied to your products during the holiday period, or a branded tote bag, tissue paper or labels which can also be used to show your festive spirit.   


  1. Collaborate and prepare giveaways 

Brand collaborations and giveaways are often an easy and low-cost way to generate engagement with your customers. If you run giveaways quite often, why not take a new approach and rally local vendors to create a higher value giveaway which will also see you can reach new customers – a social giveaway is often the way to go as all businesses involved can tag each other in content which opens you up to a new customer base and social following.   


Giveaways also have a strong call to action for customers to engage with your business – whether that’s through following your business account, liking a post or sharing with their friends. A giveaway may also give your business and edge during a busy time of year and set you apart from competitors.   


My tip: if you have budget to put behind your giveaway post, do it – this will see your post reach even more potential customers.   

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