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Figari provides business sector with cutting-edge office solutions

World leading serviced office space brand, Figari, is launching its first workspace in Australia in Collins Square, Docklands, Melbourne and the business is set to transform how organisations manage their physical office presence across the country. 

The new site comprises an area of 2,600 square metres of fully furnished, polished executive style office space with a full suite of top-tier technology and office equipment.  The workspace represents a new level of premiumisation in Australia that comes with flexible floor plans and the benefits of service office amenities.  The luxury high tech office space is the latest addition to the portfolio of flexible office spaces owned by the Figari Group. The group was founded in 2011 by Australian entrepreneur Christopher Butt and his partner Darcy Laldone.

Launching the business with a modest one floor office space in Manila in the Philippines over ten years ago, Chris, being an Aussie working abroad, brought Australian standards and designs to the workspace concept. Since then, Figari has grown to become the Philippines’ third largest player in the flexible/serviced office business. Figari now has 22 leased floors across the Philippines, over 200 clients worldwide and 23 offices around the world.

Return to Australia

“Over ten years ago, my business partner, Darcy Laldone, and I formed Figari with the intention to grow Figari into a flexible/serviced office company, servicing clients around the globe. As an Aussie working abroad, I thought it imperative to bring Aussie standards and designs to Manila,” Figari cofounder and CEO, Mr Butt said.

“However, since the pandemic, my wife and I made the decision to move back to Australia and this has provided me with the opportunity to focus on expanding our brand across Australia with our same working concept, but this time reversing the business model!

“While I had brought Australia to Asia over ten years ago, I’ll now be bringing global business to Australia. Travelling the world for the past 17 years has given me a greater appreciation for my homeland. We are really excited to be coming back to Australia and to be opening Figari Collins Square and many more sites as the business evolves across Australia.”

“Working with global brands across the world for the past decade has provided me with extraordinary insight into the needs, behaviours and evolving operations of leading multinational organisations.

“Our brand has mastered the art of meeting the operational requirements of these organisations while also engaging in predictive modelling to stay a step ahead of their needs so we can fully service their emerging requirements.”

“As a result, we have developed one of the most intuitive serviced office brands in the world, preferred by market leaders throughout the globe. Workspaces matter, we make them matter, and we are revered for our capability to deliver the best!”

Figari Collins Square

“Figari Collins Square is our first site in Australia located in the bustling community of Docklands and it includes all of our standard offerings. Our serviced offices provide fully furnished office spaces with coffee and tea making facilities, a fully staffed front desk to offer client greeting and mail handling, as well as office hours air conditioning, electricity and water, a daily cleaning service and secure 24-hour access," Mr Butt said.

“We offer our furnished and serviced offices with technology and managed services including Wi-Fi, IT equipment leasing, managed internet connectivity, infrastructure support and 24/7 user support.

“Our core focus is to take care of a business’ physical office needs, so all they need to do is move in and start operating. We do the rest so they can get on with doing business.”

Trusted by global brands and global workers

“Companies trust us because of our expertise and attention to detail. Moreover, we make business fun. We believe in working hard and playing hard. Our drive to succeed is irresistible and infectious. All the young, up-and-coming career go-getters want to work with us, and truth be told, some aren’t that young anymore either! We are proud to be trusted by global brands such as Nokia, Alcatel, Total Oil and Gas, BHP, QBE, Iron Mountain, Hexaware, Deloitte, Honeywell, CSS, Skechers, Zuelig and Amaysim,” Mr Butt said.

“Our point of difference will always be how we make each and every office unique. With each office that we create, it is custom-built for the intended client. It’s this sort of individualised, customised attention to detail and creativity that sets us apart, and as we continue to build our client and real estate portfolio, we will continue to work towards becoming the number one in our operations across Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and Australia.”

The Figari Group is amongst the world’s largest office real estate companies. Founded in 2011 with its international headquarters in Singapore, Figari set out with a mission to provide competitive world-class workspaces through construction, real estate, and technology and managed services. Offices are fully furnished with world-class executive fittings and offer top-of-the-range technology and managed services. Notable international clients include Deloitte, Honeywell, Skechers and Amaysim amongst its 200 worldwide clients. Figari launched its newest office destination, Figari Collins Square in Melbourne’s iconic Docklands area, in February 2023.


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