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EVX signs deal with Connected Kerb

A game-changer for the public sector, councils, workplaces and developers, and a first in Australia, EV infrastructure company, EVX, will employ Connected Kerb’s technology to help transform Australia’s EV long-dwell (where EVs are parked for at least 1-2 hours) charging landscape and support the growth of mass EV charging. 

EVX CEO, Andrew Forster, said: “This is an exciting partnership for EVX. Our integration of Connected Kerb’s technology and product is a first for Australians and will revolutionise the way we charge EVs – particularly in public kerbside applications, which is an area of significant need.” 

Connected Kerb sets itself apart from traditional charge points through its two-part solution. Its above-ground charge point sockets are directly built into structures such as bollards, with the ‘power and data’ brains of the charging point sunk below the ground in a protective steel box. 

This new development is helping councils, fleet management companies and other commercial spaces gain access to cutting edge, and extremely robust, EV charging stations. EVX’s passive below-ground infrastructure, allows for above-ground charging points to be progressively installed without the investment of any additional infrastructure or substations. 

The challenge of charging isn’t just speed 

The EVX product proposition, powered by Connected Kerb technology, is aimed at long-dwell charging. This type of charging infrastructure is crucial to promoting and accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles at the rate required. 

“I think there needs to be a mindset shift. Australians have been used to getting fuel for their vehicles in an instant but as we transition to EVs at scale, EV charging infrastructure needs to serve both fast and long-dwell scenarios,” said EVX co-founder, Sean McGinty. 

While just 20,000 EVs were sold in Australia in 2021, 3 million EVs are projected to be on the country’s roads by 2030, requiring 2.8 million charging points and $18 billion in charging infrastructure investments.[1] 

Forster added: “We understand the availability of public EV charging points is one of the primary barriers to making the transition away from petrol or diesel-powered cars towards electric vehicles, and we’ve made it our mission to take the lead in removing this barrier here in Australia.” 

“EVX’s mission is to deliver affordable and robust public charging infrastructure, for everyone that needs it. Given the rapid adoption of EV’s in urban areas, we expect EVX’s existing and future solutions to become more heavily utilised as we roll out this critical infrastructure,” he concluded.


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