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M&C Saatchi Open House returns, open to original thinkers from anywhere but advertising

Sydney, Australia: M&C Saatchi Group is pleased to announce its Open House program is back, following a hugely successful inaugural year. Designed to smash the barriers of entry to the creative communications industry, Open House is a free online eight-week M&C Saatchi Group training program that’s open to anyone. Industry specialists will share knowledge across CX, design, strategy, creative, data, innovation and more. Participants will gain frontline insights into the Marketing & Advertising industry, the jobs available and also have the opportunity to secure a paid internship at M&C Saatchi Group for 2023. 

Open House was launched by M&C Saatchi Group in 2021 and was further substantiated this year by the findings of Advertising Council Australia’s Create Space census which made it clear that a more diverse, inclusive and equitable industry was needed to accelerate positive and lasting change. 

“Whether you’re a student, starting or shifting your career, returning to work after a break or simply wanting to find out more before deciding, we want your original ideas and thinking. We especially want to hear from people from interesting backgrounds, personal circumstances or locations.” said Lauren Keogh, Director Talent Acquisition, M&C Saatchi Group. 

The first Open House program resulted in the M&C Saatchi Group recruiting eight incredible people to its family. “We want to build on this, because breaking down barriers to entry has never been more important. We’re opening the doors for prospective talent who may have never thought about a career in the creative communications industry,” Keogh added. 

Open House’s eight-week training program is delivered via live, weekly interactive webinars which are also recorded and available on demand. Each week an M&C Saatchi Group speaker will provide specialist knowledge and insights. Speakers from across the business include Justin Graham, Group CEO ANZ; Melinda Lofts, Head of CX Strategy and Saynaree Oudomvilay, Senior Account Director from M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment. Mentors will guide participants as they apply these learnings to a real client brief. 

Open House gives everyone the opportunity and tools to harness their original ways of thinking whether it be through data, design, storytelling, media, strategy, or any other skill participants learn about throughout the course. 

The program begins on 11 October 2022 and on completion, participants will receive an M&C Saatchi Group certificate of completion that can be taken with them into future applications or careers. The participants will also have the opportunity to apply and be assessed for a future role within the M&C Saatchi Group. 

To extend and diversify the Open House program's reach, M&C Saatchi Group will be running a multi-channel promotional campaign through a diverse range of outreach mediums including Spotify, Print, Social, Community, University Campus and Vocational Institution Engagement. 

To apply for Open House, participants need to register before the program starts on 11 October, 2022. 

For more information, visit


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