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triSearch crowned in SaaS Innovation at The Australian Business Awards 2022

SaaS technology company, triSearch, was crowned the prestigious ABA100® Winner for SaaS Innovation [SSI] in The Australian Business Awards 2022 (ABA), earlier today.

In its seventeenth year, the awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program that recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of established business and product award categories.

Having entered its flagship conveyancing software solution, triConvey, as its chosen innovation, triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen, said being crowned above all innovative SaaS technology in Australia goes a long way to crediting triConvey for its significant impact to Australian conveyancers.

“We are so excited to have triConvey recognised for its importance and value by The Australian Business Awards. It means a great deal to us to receive this acknowledgement and means a lot to our entire team,” Allen said.

triSearch was pitted against some of Australia’s most innovative companies, with the award open to all private and public companies, multinationals and their subsidiaries, non-government organisations, educational institutions, government departments, and other statutory bodies.

“I want to thank the ABA judges for their time and diligence during the reviewing process, and ultimately for choosing us to represent all submissions in SaaS Innovation,” Allen added.

The award recognised triConvey, as a service product that provides an innovative solution for business and market needs, excelling in demonstrating core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement, and employee engagement throughout the ABA award submission.

triConvey was launched into market in September 2021 and has since become one of Australia’s leading end-to-end technology solutions for Australian conveyancers.

“triConvey was developed to become the number one conveyancing technology solution in Australia and after only one year in market, it is well on its way to achieving this with more than 1000 businesses actively using the solution, in under 12 months,” Allen said.

“We want to help Australian conveyancing firms succeed and the industry to prosper for years to come. We enter every interaction with the same care and devotion. Winning this prestigious award reflects our daily dedication to this,” she said.

"I would also like to thank the hard work and dedication of our entire team, from development, management, sales, support and marketing, for building triConvey into the successful solution for Australian conveyancers that it is today."

Award recipients were announced via ABA social media channels, website and email. A full list of winners can be found at the Australian Business Awards.

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