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Marketplacer Partners With True Woo To Create New Online Wellness Marketplace

Marketplacer, creator of the world’s leading ecommerce platform, today announced the completion of a new holistic marketplace for Australian wellness company, True Woo.

The marketplace features a portfolio of products and services aimed at individuals who are seeking ways to improve their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Marketplacer Founder and CEO, Jason Wyatt says the new marketplace will become a one-stop shop for anyone looking for information about alternative health practices and a curated range of top-quality products and practitioners.

“True Woo is building a platform to meet the growing desire by many people to take charge of their health and lifestyles,” says Adam Matheson, CEO, True Woo. “By taking advantage of the Marketplacer platform, the company has been able to grow from an initial idea into a fully-fledged ecommerce site in just six months.”

Matheson says the company selected Marketplacer as the backend platform for its product offering as it could readily manage everything from onboarding and stock listings to order processing and fulfilment.

“Marketplacer also integrates tightly with other software providers on which we have built our front end and our practitioner offering,” says Matheson. “The result is a seamless customer experience that allows customers to not only select from our broad range of curated product offerings and have their order delivered directly to their door but a range of wellness service, such as pre-recorded content, group classes or one-on-one sessions that are provided online.

“The Marketplacer engineering team was very supportive and the result is a clean, easy-to-navigate site that is already proving popular with customers.”

Matheson says True Woo’s long-term objective is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in incorporating wellness into their day-to-day lives. “In the months ahead, we will be focused on bringing more products and practitioners onto the platform; and building up our base of reputable health resources, enabling the wellness eco-system to thrive. ”

Matheson the initial idea for True Woo came from company founder Rachel (Tonkin) Dur who suffered a shock breast cancer diagnoses in January 2021 at the age of 35.  She was struck by the lack of access to wellness information, products and practitioners  which she credits to her ability to thrive during and post cancer treatment.

In response, Rachel founded the platform and is now focused on growing the business in both in Australia and internationally.

“By bringing together the wellness community, we hope that more people become aware of and can easily access alternative approaches to healthcare,” she says. “True Woo will also allow people to discover products and services that may previously have flown under their radar. I am excited to shine the light and support products and practitioners that are doing amazing things for people and planet.”

Wyatt says True Woo’s success is evidence of the power of online marketplaces to connect like-minded sellers and customers.

“We look forward to working with True Woo as they go from strength to strength in coming months and years,” says Wyatt.

About True Woo:

True Woo is a recently launched holistic wellness platform, purpose built to make health products, practitioners, and resources more accessible for people globally. By balancing spirit with science, the company offers a healthy mix of industry approved products and practitioners who can help people not only with their physical health, but also their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

About Marketplacer

Marketplacer is a global technology Software as a Service (SaaS) platform equipped with all the tools and functionality needed to build a successful and scalable online marketplaces, at speed. To date, Marketplacer has helped build and deploy over 100 Marketplaces connecting over 13,000 businesses worldwide. The Marketplacer platform exists to make growth simple, from implementing marketplace strategies such as shipment from drop-ship sellers, adding new categories or third-party range extension, through to consolidating markets and rolling out modern revenue models such as recurring memberships that allow businesses to grow faster and beyond the constraints of capital inventory.

Born and bred from the award-winning BikeExchange, the biggest online marketplace for anything and everything bike, founders Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter saw the opportunity to license the online software platform and apply it to new marketplaces. Marketplacer is responsible for the creation of online eCommerce solutions and business transformations of companies around the world. Visit for more information.


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