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Optimizely Launches Integrated B2B Commerce & Content Cloud Solution

  • Written by Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer of Optimizely

Optimizely, leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced it is launching an integrated version of its B2B Commerce Cloud and Content Cloud products. The integration allows these two industry-leading products to be easily implemented together, enabling brands to reach audiences with more sophisticated content strategies and work more effectively across large teams of marketers.

The integration makes use of the B2B Commerce Cloud as a headless commerce API to make B2B data and capabilities available within the Content Cloud. Now, B2B customers choosing to select both the B2B Commerce Cloud and Content Cloud with the new integration can: 

    * Take advantage of B2B-specific features within the B2B Commerce Cloud

    * Use the Content Cloud to manage all the pages, templates, content and assets of their site

    * Benefit from an out-of-the-box, combined site search engine that searches products in the B2B Commerce catalog while searching content in the Content Cloud and combining the results

    * Manage their product catalog in B2B Commerce, but have all the products available for use in the Content Cloud

    * Build and manage multi-sites in the Content Cloud while leveraging the shared data for customers, products and orders in the B2B Commerce Cloud

To help customers get the most from the combined products, Optimizely is also releasing a B2B-specific sample site that includes numerous Content Cloud templates and blocks that can be used to accelerate customers’ build time. Customers can leverage the provided assets or reference them as examples before customising their own. The sample site will address the time-to-market metric that many B2B customers find critical when selecting their technology vendors.

“Optimizely Content Cloud has a long history of providing marketers with extensive tools for content publication and creation of exceptional digital experiences,” said Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer of Optimizely. “With the integration of B2B Commerce Cloud, businesses can extend these tools to B2B customers, enabling the delivery of optimal digital experiences across audiences.”

Additionally, Optimizely has named a preferred implementation partner for the B2B Commerce Cloud – Content Cloud integration in Nishtech Inc. Nishtech is an Optimizely Platinum Partner who has first-hand experience with the new integration and can be contracted to guide customers and their agencies through setting up and utilising the new integration.

Optimizely is a recognised leader in B2B commerce and content management. The company has been awarded leadership positions in the IDC MarketScape for B2B Commerce, the Forrester Wave for Agile Content Management Systems and the IDC MarketScape for Content Management Systems.

Learn more about Optimizely’s leading Content Cloud solutions.

About Optimizely

At Optimizely, we’re on a mission to help people unlock their digital potential. With our leading digital experience platform (DXP), we equip teams with the tools and insights they need to create and optimise in new and novel ways. Now, companies can operate with data-driven confidence to create hyper-personalised experiences. Building sophisticated solutions has never been simpler. Optimizely’s 900+ partners and 1100+ employees in offices around the globe are proud to help more than 9,000 brands, including Toyota, Santander, eBay, KLM and Mazda, enrich their customer lifetime value, increase revenue and grow their brands. Learn more at

About Nishtech

Nishtech is a full-service digital experience and e-commerce consultancy and Optimizely partner since 2011 based in Cincinnati, Ohio specialising in delivering innovative, scalable, and secure digital solutions. The company has extensive experience over the last 10 years delivering rich, personalised enterprise-level B2B/B2C/B2X shopping experiences. Nishtech excels at creating efficient, agile, digital solutions to execute online strategies and to perfect the digital presence by integrating best-of-breed technologies. Nishtech employs a collaborative project approach in which we proactively partner with our clients to deliver compelling brand experiences that are user-friendly and easy to maintain. Learn more at

Nishtech is an Optimizely Platinum partner and have been named as their Preferred Partner for implementing Optimizely DXP and B2B Commerce solutions.


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