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Australian innovation Saveful launches on the world stage

As countries across the globe try to tackle the food waste crisis, a new Australian-owned and made innovation has launched on the world stage. 

Developed by social enterprise Thankful, ‘Saveful’ empowers people to take practical and  positive action to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.

The World Food Program is already using it ahead of Saveful’s fully-functioning launch in early 2022, which will see it included  in its StopTheWaste  global campaign across more than 16 countries. 

The Saveful ‘lite’ calculator will be embedded into the campaign to raise awareness of the global scale and impact of food waste and help people calculate the impact their actions can have.

Set to be a game changer, Saveful empowers people to save time, save money, save food and save the planet - through the delivery of smart calculators, innovative tools, personalised content and experiences that make a tangible difference. It can also be integrated with supermarket e-commerce platforms on a global scale.

From grower to consumer, Saveful engages, educates and equips people with practical solutions to reduce food waste and save money, while also reducing pressure on land, water and biodiversity.  

The platform also delivers users with unique insights so they can see, measure and track the impact they are having at home and around the world. Enabling consumers to create more sustainability by shopping smartly, cooking creatively and saving time to improve food security and address climate change. 

The Saveful launch and the StopTheWaste campaign coincides with the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste and the UN’s call for stronger action to end the culture of throwing out food uneaten with an estimated 17% of food available to consumers in markets, households, restaurants, goes directly into the bin and 60% of that waste is in the home.

Governments across the globe are trying to tackle the issue of food waste, which is estimated to be costing the Australian economy $36.6 billion with $19.3 billion of this coming from households - costing on average each household between $2,000-$2,500 per year.  While the amount of land used to grow wasted food is in excess of 25 million hectares or a landmass larger than the state of Victoria.*   

Saveful is the brainchild of Thankful CEO and Co-Founder, Kim McDonnell who says the technology platform is part of Thankful’s mission to reduce waste and help save the planet with tangible solutions. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to have the Saveful ‘lite’ calculator launching on the global stage and included in the StopTheWaste campaign” says McDonnell.  “It’s just a taste of what is to come when the fully functioning tool launches in Australia in early 2022”

“Saveful is not a ‘relief’ or charity organisation,” says McDonnell. “It is a long-term sustainable solution that is globally scalable. We are in discussions with a range of partners, including supermarkets, FMCGs, food producers, as well as, industry groups and Governments, who can see why 70,000 consumers have already been attracted to our offering and who want to join us in making a real difference through the delivery of innovative solutions that are practical and meaningful, like Saveful.”

“Because we all know that small changes will make a big difference, but sometimes we don’t know where to start in making them or what impact we’re having. Saveful will deliver consumers with a tailored and personalised solution to suit individual needs, tastes and budgets - guiding them intuitively along the way and giving them the ability to track their own progress. 

“By shopping carefully and smartly, cooking creatively, and reducing uneaten food in our rubbish bins, we can all help reduce the estimated 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions associated with food not eaten at home.” 

“Delivering a practical, visual and measurable way for consumers, business, producers, industry and Government to make a very real and tangible difference. And enabling people to not only save for themselves in everyday life at home, and the ability to measure their carbon and water footprints to actually also see how their habits are improving food security and addressing climate change across the globe,” said McDonnell.

“We’re calling on everyone to get involved and  join us in making a positive difference. Together, we can achieve and save so much more,” said McDonnell. 

To register for Saveful and say goodbye to waste visit: 

Thankful is a world leading multi-product and multi-cause social impact brand. The social enterprise brings together industries, brands, influencers and consumers in a united effort to raise awareness and funds to address systemic global challenges and help communities in need.  

*National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study – 30 August 2021, Page 18

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