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4 Tips To Make Your Business More Mobile Friendly

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Mobile traffic now represents a vast portion of all internet usage. Businesses that don't adapt to take advantage of this shift are neglecting a huge customer base. Optimizing your business for mobile traffic might sound like a costly and time-consuming process, but it's far simpler than you might imagine.

#1 Optimize your website

In the early days of the internet, all websites were displayed in the same way on desktop computers. Nowadays, there are countless web browsers displaying content across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. A website designed solely for the desktop will look broken and glitchy on a mobile device, usually leading customers to point their browsers elsewhere. Fortunately, it's quite simple to optimize your site for a mobile device. Switching from a static to a responsive theme means that your design will adjust to suit the browser it's being viewed on, with no additional input from you. Responsive themes work just as effectively on tablets as they do on mobiles, so you're guaranteed cross-compatibility.

#2 Develop an app

Apps are a further step towards a fully integrated, mobile experience. A business with its own app is immediately more professional and more accessible. Apps can even have their own infrastructure, pulling customers into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the business. They also bring additional functionality, making it easier to place orders and contact customer support when required. Unless you know how to code, apps are difficult to develop, so many businesses turn to digital product companies like Make It Simple. Developers can tailor-make an app for your business, designed with you and your customers in mind.

#3 Use social media

Most businesses have at least some form of social media presence. For example, they might run a Twitter or Instagram account, but if you want to draw in more mobile custom, you need to up the ante. Social media dominates the mobile world. Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are some of the most downloaded apps, so you're missing out if you don't have a presence across all of them. Get creative with your social media presence, too. Short-form video, viral content, and even live streams are all perfectly suited to the mobile audience and will drive traffic. Content doesn't always have to be strictly relevant to what you're selling, either. Anything that grabs attention helps to build an audience.

#4 Speed up checkout

A startlingly high number of customers are lost at checkout via what's known as cart abandonment. A cumbersome checkout process frustrates customers, and they might give up on their purchase and look elsewhere. Cart abandonment is even higher on mobile devices, possibly because users expect a more streamlined experience or are on the move. You can speed up checkout by only asking for details that you really need to complete a purchase. For example, is it essential for the customer to create an account just to place an order? Do you absolutely have to know where they heard about your business? Removing superfluous requests can make all the difference with a mobile audience.

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