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ParagonEX Announces New Trading Platform-PR Newswire APAC

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ParagonEX Announces New Trading Platform-PR Newswire APAC ParagonEX Announces New Trading Platform-PR Newswire APAC

ONCHAN, Isle of Man, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Platform developer ParagonEX is pleased to announce the introduction of its new ParagonEX financial trading platform, which will be employed by the company's financial services provider clients across the globe. The platform offers a host of new and unique features, plus an updated user interface that is at once more intuitive and offers significantly more trading options than its predecessor.

"CFD trading is developing at breakneck speed," says ParagonEX CEO, Simon Duggan. "More instruments, asset classes and even instrument types are finding their way into the retail trader's palette and we've developed a platform that doesn't limit our clients' choice."

Innovation First

ParagonEX's new platform offers well over 100 technical indicators and charting instruments, client-controlled leverage per position and a proprietary Profit/Loss simulator that evaluates target levels based on spread. And yet, despite its technological scope, the ParagonEX platform remains easy to use with a surprisingly intuitive interface that makes trading quick and simple.

"We're already receiving positive reports from our clients," Duggan says. "The speed at which functions are accessed, especially on the mobile app version, is surpassing expectations."

Product Availability and Accessibility

The new ParagonEX platform requires no downloads and includes a mobile app which is accessible at both the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore – all for free. The new version is already operative on some of its clients' websites, and Duggan adds, "We're expecting the platform to be available on more and more broker sites as the year continues."

On the desktop version, one needn't ever leave the main page to research an asset, set alerts, and open and close positions, including order specifications. Even one's account is accessible at a single click. The mobile version is just as versatile and just as quick.

The Crowdtrading element that was so prominent in the previous version is now even better, including trade opening options, more alerts, and a cleaner, simpler presentation that will continue to serve as a showcase for ParagonEX's outstanding fintech capabilities.


ParagonEX is a technology company established in 2008 to provide primarily financial service providers with a simple off-the-shelf trading platform and CMS back office environment. The company currently offers three main products – ParagonEX Prime – a custom–tailored solution, including software, services and traffic provision, ParagonEX Dynamic – a solution for small and medium-sized brokers that offers state-of-the-art tools and features, including easy API integration into an operator's existing system, and ParagonEX Network – a one-stop shop for all incoming & outgoing traffic needs, including lead acquisition and conversion tools.

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