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SequenceShift Unveils Enhanced PCI-Compliant Payment Integration with Amazon Connect Unified Agent Workspace

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SequenceShift Unveils Enhanced PCI-Compliant Payment Integration with Amazon Connect Unified Agent Workspace

Streamlined Payment Security, Effortless Setup: Integrated Payment Solution for Amazon Connect Contact Centers

SYDNEY, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant stride toward simplifying PCI Compliance for contact centers, SequenceShift[1] announces its latest integration with Amazon Connect's unified Agent Workspace. As a leader in PCI compliance solutions, SequenceShift is celebrated for its swift setup, seamless alignment, and flexible pay-as-you-go models, which are now more accessible than ever within the Amazon Connect ecosystem.

This enhancement will change the game for Connect-based contact centers looking to onboard advanced technology quickly and easily. Third-party application integration, a cutting-edge new feature of Amazon Connect, empowers businesses to directly incorporate vendor-built applications into the unified Agent Workspace. With this advancement and SequenceShift's payment application, agents can effortlessly manage customer interactions and secure payments with PCI Compliance - all in one place helping to reduce handle time and improve customer experience. This innovation dramatically streamlines the implementation process, offering a direct, straightforward setup while avoiding the complexities associated with traditional CRM system integration.

"Our mission at SequenceShift is to provide robust yet incredibly accessible payment security solutions," said Dmitri Muntean, Managing Director at SequenceShift. "By offering customers direct integration with Amazon Connect's Agent Workspace, we present a unified, efficient solution that reflects our leading edge in the industry. This is the epitome of advanced technology made accessible."

SequenceShift's new integration with Amazon Connect's innovative platform provides numerous benefits:

  • Unified Agent Experience: Agents gain direct access to SequenceShift's robust secure payment app within Amazon Connect's Unified Agent Workspace, ensuring a seamless operational flow and increased efficiency.
  • Rapid and User-Friendly Onboarding: The intuitive design and self-service capabilities enable businesses to swiftly activate SequenceShift's services, dramatically reducing setup times.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: SequenceShift's self-service and pay-as-you-go pricing model ensures transparent pricing with no hidden costs or upfront fees.

With SequenceShift, Amazon Connect users can ensure payment security and compliance without leaving the Agent Workspace.

For additional information about SequenceShift solutions, visit:[2]

About SequenceShift:

SequenceShift is a global leader in PCI compliance solutions, recognized for its innovative and customer-focused services, streamlining the secure handling of payments in Amazon Connect contact centers globally. With its swift and effortless integration, AWS alignment, and commitment to transparency with pay-as-you-go pricing, SequenceShift continues redefining payment security standards in the digital age.

For more information, contact: 2 9163 3917LinkedIn Website[3][4][5]


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