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ZIM Introduces the New Thailand Fremantle Express Service (TFX)

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ZIM Introduces the New Thailand Fremantle Express Service (TFX)

Provides wider coverage to major ports in South-East Asia and Australia

HAIFA, Israel, Feb. 01, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ZIM Integrated Shipping Services[1] announced today a new service covering major ports in South-East Asia and Australia, including the port of Fremantle in western Australia. 

As part of ZIM's ongoing efforts to provide an agile response to changing market needs, ZIM has introduced the Thailand Fremantle Express service (TFX), with the following rotation:

Ho Chi Minh – Laem Chabang – Port Klang – SydneyMelbourne – Fremantle – Port Klang – Ho Chi Minh

The new service expands the coverage of the Australian market and offers an efficient and reliable solution, with significant advantages including:

  •  Direct service between Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Fremantle
  •  Wider coverage of South-East Asia markets, with connection via Port Kelang, Laem Chabang and Ho Chi Minh
  •  Fast connection at Sydney to New Zealand via our N2A service

Danny Hoffmann, EVP Intra Asia BU, said: "Consistent with ZIM's signature agile approach, we continuously strive to improve our network for the benefit of our customers. This new expanded product in Oceana will offer customers wider port coverage in the region while enjoying ZIM's exceptional and personal customer services".

About ZIM

Founded in Israel in 1945, ZIM is a leading global container liner shipping company with established operations in 100+ countries serving more than 25,000 customers in over 300 global ports. ZIM leverages digital strategies and a commitment to ESG values to provide customers innovative seaborne transportation and logistics services and exceptional customer experience. ZIM's differentiated global-niche strategy, based on agile fleet management and deployment, covers major trade routes with a focus on select markets where the company holds competitive advantages. Additional information about ZIM is available at[2].

ZIM contacts Media:Avner ShatsZIM Integrated Shipping Services[3]



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