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. partners with HR Tech provider Avature to bring its Chat AI Interview platform to the world

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MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --, creator of the world's first Ai Smart Interviewer[1], has joined Avature's technology ecosystem, enabling Avature customers to access a unique chat-based AI interview tool on the marketplace. 

Avature is a leading HR software provider, with solutions ranging from talent acquisition to talent management and retention. It has over 200 integrations in its partner ecosystem[2], enabling its customers to design their HR tech stack with a wide range of supplementary services.

Sapia CEO Barb Hyman said that the integration is transformational for Avature users looking to hire more efficiently while disrupting bias and elevating their candidate experience.

"We're building partnerships with companies like Avature so that our AI Smart Interviewer is easily accessible for organizations globally. When integrated into an ATS, the experience for hiring teams and candidates is absolutely seamless. They can benefit from Sapia's ethical AI without needing to disrupt their existing workflows."

Sapia's AI solution interviews candidates blind, through a chat conversation. It uses advances in Natural Language Processing to accurately assess candidates' soft skills and written communication. In doing so it removes the bias that exists in traditional screening methods, such as resume screening.

"It also dramatically improves efficiencies for organizations, by interviewing every candidate asynchronously. Customers using our combined chat and video interview solution have seen a 10-day reduction in time to hire, with offers going out to candidates within 24 hours in some cases. With an integrated solution, the benefits are accelerated as the implementation and onboarding time is so short."

The Avature partnership has come just after the Australian startup announced its latest funding round, led by Macquarie Group and W23, the investment arm of Woolworths Group, a flagship customer of the AI company.

"Our customers are seeing the benefits of using ethical AI to screen candidates fairly, and this investment will help us accelerate our go-to-market strategy globally. Partnerships like Avature are key to our mission in taking our Smart Interviewer to the world."


Sapia's mission is to build a fairer, more human world through ethical AI. Using the world's first Smart Interviewer, powered by the world's largest source of first-party proprietary text data and advanced Natural Language Processing, Sapia turns simple text conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence – enabling organizations to interrupt hiring bias at scale, get to the right talent fast, and give every candidate an experience they love.

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Media CEO Barb Hyman email:[7]



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