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Care Group Acquires Pukekohe Family Health Care to Become Largest Provider of Primary Care in East Auckland

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Care Group, a renowned provider and integrator of health services, has acquired Pukekohe Family Health Care (PFHC), a large general practice based in Central Pukekohe. The latest acquisition is in sync with the group's vision to build community health in Auckland. The Pukekohe Family Health Care will be a part of the wider Care Group[1] team.

Pukekohe Family Health Care is the largest general practice in the Franklin area, serving the community for more than two decades. PFHC has approximately 18,000 enrolled patients and offers a low-cost, affordable healthcare model that's accessible to everyone. Care Group is pleased to announce that they have acquired 100 percent ownership of the Pukekohe Family Health Care.

Gordon Armstrong, CEO, Care Group spoke more about the acquisition, "We are delighted to bring Pukekohe Family Health Care (PFHC) onboard as this will add extra capabilities to the Care Group. It was clear that bringing Pukekohe Family Health Centre onboard would bring extra capability to the broader Group. Their team is extraordinary. We have worked with PFHC through the after-hours network in Auckland and it makes me happy to say that both the entities share the values of delivering high-quality care to the community."

"The Pukekohe Family Health Care team is dedicated to serving the community. Dr Brian Ross has been a part of PFHC since 1981, whereas, Dr Ishavar Morarh and Dr Rattan Saini are born and bred South Aucklanders. All the team members understand the needs of Pukekohe Community and are driven by the common motive of making it happen," further added Gordon Armstrong.

The acquisition of Pukekohe Family Health Care has made Care Group the largest provider of primary care in East Auckland, and one of the largest Groups in the greater Auckland region. The purchase is also important for Care Group from the perspective of expanding its footprints and growing business. Care Group ensures that it not only matches capability standards but also strives to meet the higher purpose of improving health and wellbeing through preventive care.

About Care Group

Care Group was incepted in the early 90s with the goal to make integrated health services available locally within the community. East Care Accident and Medical Centre[2], which is fully owned by Care Group, was the first initiative by local GPs to deliver quality and continuity in urgent and after-hour patient care. Care Group also co-owns Botany Junction Medical, which is just up the road, with Health Improvement Group. In 2021, together with Health Improvement Group, Care Group opened two other state-of-the-art clinics - Highbrook Medical Centre[3] and Ormiston Medical Center[4]. They have a record of successful acquisitions in East Auckland, namely the well-respected Highgate and Sommerville Clinics. Over the years, Care Group has been successful in building trusted and long-term partnerships with some of the renowned healthcare providers with Pukekohe Family Health Care being the latest on the list.

Media Contact: Gordon Armstrong, CEO  Email id:[5]  +64 21 506299


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