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i2Chain Inc. Reveals Strategy to Disrupt Cyber Threats by Ransom Proofing Data and Democratizing Secure Sharing

  • Written by Newsfile

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 8, 2022) - i2Chain Inc.[1], an information security company, reveals its digital security solution for protecting sensitive documents. While the sophistication of cyberattacks continues to rise, companies' defenses must keep pace. The three industry sectors where most data breaches were recorded[2] in 2021 were healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing, which this solution caters to. Many businesses continue to fall prey to the troubling rise in statistics. i2Chain's security solution safeguards classified data through a chained hack-proof process that creates decoy urls, encrypts, enforces permissions and makes every document traceable. It enables organizations to have ransom-proof storage, even if the user account credentials are compromised, as well as enabling secure data sharing.

This solution was created to help organizations have secure communication with their customers and internal team members amid the pandemic-driven surge in the use of non-traditional digital media channels. In recent times, the demand for this kind of security solution has increased due to the security concerns surrounding the transmission of highly classified information on instant messaging applications[3].

This security solution has a chained process that involves encrypting the data and storing it in a secure chained artifact store to prevent hackers from gaining access to it. Next, it enables clients to restrict access to these self-reporting and self-defending chained files for internal, external or classified use. Every action taken with the file is recorded on an immutable ledger to enable traceability.

"If somebody is trying to hack into a company's system to access the files, successfully or unsuccessfully, we can detect who that person is. We can provide detailed information about their engagement with the data to help bring them to justice. Also, if a staff member leaves a company with classified information on his USB drive, the content will be inaccessible outside of the customer's domain," Ajay Jotwani, co-founder and CEO of i2Chain Inc., stated.

Since the launch of this solution, they have secured about one million chained documents for their clients. They aim to expand their reach to secure 100 million files by the end of 2023 and trillions of documents in the foreseeable future.

Commenting on this, Ajay Jotwani said, "At i2Chain, we are proud of how impactful this security solution has been for our clients in the financial and healthcare sectors. We intend to broaden our clientele base across smart cities and critical infrastructure to eradicate ransomware efficiently and effectively. We are extremely confident in our technology to protect against insider and outsider threats."

About i2Chain Inc.:i2Chain Inc.[4] is a technology company co-founded by Ajay Jotwani in 2018. They offer sophisticated and easy to implement information security solutions to secure files, texts, and emails amongst others. The company is known as the only startup that can make non-fungible business documents, as they ensure their clients' sensitive files cannot be tampered.

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