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XOXO Changing the Online Dating Landscape to Solve Dating Fatigue

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - April 28, 2022) -  XOXO[1] is a new dating app designed to solve the fatigue of online dating with a fun solution. Users are given a totem to represent their personality type instead of having to rely solely on their profile pictures. XOXO has also implemented fun elements into the app where users can collect XP and level up so that users remain active and engaged on the platform.

Unlike other apps, it is a safe space for all backgrounds, genders, and appearances. With its 35,000 monthly active users, the app is on track to becoming a powerful venue for building diverse connections.

The app is created by a group of people who are eager to think one step ahead and imagine the future of dating. They recognize that global shifts in diversity and social understanding of gender and body image are changing the way we date. And they're determined to create a dating app that reflects those changes. They're well on their way, with the most popular profile being a transgender woman, who received over 4,150 likes.

XOXO isn't just about creating a safe space for people to meet others; it's also about relieving the pain of contemporary solitude. Dating fatigue is a real thing, and it's often reflected and reinforced by dating apps that are designed to be superficial and overwhelming. XOXO is a venue where identities are not used as a label to judge people, and the experience of getting to know others is gamified.

Users can earn badges for completing tasks and engaging with the community. This adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the app, and it encourages users to keep using it long term.

Enthusiastically Ending Dating Fatigue

The app started with a simple premise: to rid the world of dating fatigue and to offer genuine connections.

One user, Mariam George, a 23-year-old in the UAE, writes that "Most dating apps are appearance-centric. If the profile picture isn't conventionally hot, it's hard to find someone who would swipe right." Many like Mariam have turned away from looks-focused dating apps.

On XOXO, users will rediscover themselves with their on-boarding personality quiz which places them as personality types to highlight differences and similarities between users. This is a vital part of the experience, as it encourages users to be open and understanding of one another from the start. A visual representation of their personality type is displayed in the form of a totem. Every user is given their own totem, and they can see other users' totems in the app. This helps to create a sense of community and understanding that is key to the experience.

Totem-base group chats are another way that XOXO encourages users to connect with one another. These chats allow users to discuss topics that are important to them, and is a great way to make connections that go beyond simple dating.

Getting Rid of Legacy Dating App Features

When it comes to online dating, there are a few features that were once considered essential. Filters are one of those features, and they allow users to narrow down their search results to people who fit their specific criteria.

But filters can be limiting, and they often lead to superficial connections. XOXO doesn't use filters, and the decision was made deliberately. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to meet more people they might like, regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, or body type - much like real life.

Another common online dating feature is the reject button. The app's creators believe that negativity has no place in online dating, and that's why they don't have a reject button. If someone doesn't interest you, simply turn your attention elsewhere. There's no need for negativity or explicit rejection.

Bringing Fun to Online Dating

Traditional dating apps have exemplified dating fatigue because of the endless streams of profiles offering zero real connection. XOXO is offering a solution by encouraging connections in a meaningful way.

Another user, Nathan Freihofer, a 30-year-old in Kansas, writes that he has never used dating apps because he is "not interested in dating culture". But when it comes to XOXO, his "favorite thing is just using it to find friends with similar interests."

At the very core, XOXO understands one thing that other dating apps fail to do. The creators understand that friendship should be the key to every strong and successful relationship instead of looks and lust.

Gamification is new to dating apps, but XOXO is working hard to implement it so that it becomes the new normal. Totems have video game style health bars, representing the users' app activity, and there's an online store that gives users the ability to care for their totem in a tamagotchi-style manner.

XOXO is changing the online dating landscape, and it's quickly becoming the go-to app for open-minded people looking for genuine connections.

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