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The Frictionless DeFi-Based Token, "Babygotchi" Aims to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--(Newsfile Corp. - September 6, 2021) - Babygotchi, a frictionless yield generation DEFI technology has been introduced to improve gaming experience in the world of cryptocurrency and still earn while it is being played. The gaming industry has focused more on owners profiting from the market and less on users who spend time without making money. Game lovers can now earn massively as they spend time playing games from Babygotchi, a unique game project.

The Babygotchi[1] team includes experienced technicians and engineers. With a team of hardworking individuals, the Company is destined to go far with time. The Company also knows how important marketing is, which is why they have hired one of the best marketing teams so that everyone who loves gaming can make a decent amount of money.

Babygotchi is built on blockchain network technology, thus has users personal information secured, saves a lot of money from enhanced speed, promotes high transparency, efficiency and automation. Third parties in verification of transactions are eliminated with blockchain network technology. It is both mobile and desktop friendly. Everyone can enjoy the gaming experience as well as earn money through it from the comfort of their home.

Babygotchi is built to have user's interest at heart as this unique game project promotes gaming experience, earning potential as well as being favorable to the current market conditions. Its play-to-earn tokens feature gives users another income source to earn money.

Babygotchi is designed after critical analysis to meet the need of the business world of creative and innovative technology or techniques for exploiting all potential of cryptocurrency. Babygotchi is a multiplayer game for family and friends to enjoy together from the battle competition and earn. Earnings can also be made from holding passive income.

Babygotchi will complete the incubation and dissemination of games and provide many solutions to empower NFT, such as synthesis, casting, breeding, attribute refinement and others. Babygotchi will create a market that will facilitate BEP20 Token transactions, NFT transactions and NFT auctions while also supporting the issue of $BABYGOTCHI Tokens and providing a powerful driving force for the operation of the $BABYGOTCHI economic system.

In the simplest terms, NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain. The sales volume for NFTs hit $2.5 billion in the first six months of this year, up from a total of $13.7 million in all of 2020. This rapid Increase is driven by recent headlines involving the growing interest of celebrities and businesses looking to leverage this cutting-edge technology. From 'Acker', the world's largest fine and rare wine auction house announcing its first-ever NFTs from Burgundy, 'Beeple' selling his digital NFT art for $69M, or the listing of first 'Publicly-traded' NFTs investment vehicle, NFT Investments plc in London, 2021 will forever be remembered as the year of NFTs.

The initial price will be $0.000005, where the users can purchase 80,000,000 BabyGotchi from 1 BNB (1 BNB = ~ $400). For presale 1 which is five times cheaper than the launch price, that is $0.000001, BabyGotchi users can buy 400,000,000 BabyGotchi from 1 BNB. For presale 2 which is three times cheaper than the initial launch price, 0.00000167, where the users can buy 240,000,000 BabyGotchi from 1 BNB.

According to the Company's roadmap, they would start their first presale in Q4 2021 after which the second presale will commence. In case the presale doesn't reach Hardcap, Babygotchi company will have the remaining token burned periodically within a year to ensure scarcity.

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