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St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies: Five Pioneering Applications of AI in Medicine

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Media OutReach Newswire - 13 June 2024 - South Korea is poised to become a medical AI powerhouse given its substantial investments in developing and implementing technology in healthcare.

St. George's University (SGU) School of Medicine is spotlighting five innovative medical AI applications that will help Korean graduates remain competitive as AI becomes more prevalent.

St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies: Five Pioneering Applications of AI in Medicine

1. Diagnostic Assistance
AI systems analyze X-rays and MRI scans to diagnose cancer, retinal diseases, and pneumonia. In cardiology, deep learning algorithms diagnose heart attacks like cardiologists. AI networks trained with clinical images assist in dermatological diagnoses, accurately classifying skin lesions. Studies show AI can match or exceed human experts' diagnostic accuracy and speed.

2. Robot-Assisted Surgery
AI enhances surgical decision-making by integrating information from various data sources, including surgical guidelines and research insights. AI-equipped surgical robots assist surgeons with greater precision during procedures, offering minimally invasive options that result in shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery, and reduced patient pain.

3. Medical Education and Training
Medical schools are integrating AI tools into their Doctor of Medicine programs:

  1. Learner-oriented AI: Tools that help students receive and understand new information.
  2. Instructor-oriented AI: Tools that reduce instructors' workload, provide insights about students, and incorporate innovations into classrooms.
  3. Institution-oriented AI: Tools that inform decisions about managing and administering schools and programs.
AI in medical education includes adaptive learning platforms, AI-powered simulations, and virtual reality, allowing students to safely practice procedures and engage in clinical scenarios. AI also enhances curricula by identifying areas for improvement and integrating new findings.

4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Health Care Records
AI-driven NLP systems analyze and extract valuable information from unstructured medical records, improving coding, billing, and data management efficiency. These systems convert textual data into structured, usable information, automate billing and coding processes, and provide critical data points to practitioners, flagging potential issues and suggesting treatment options.

5. Genomics
AI revolutionizes genomics by enhancing biological data analysis, interpretation, and application. AI sequences genomes faster and more accurately than humans, identifying patterns and mutations in DNA. Machine learning algorithms predict disease risks based on genetic makeup and individuals' responses to drugs or therapies, enabling personalized treatment plans.

Dr. Anna Cyrus-Murden, Assistant Dean of Simulation, Department of Clinical Skills at SGU, stated, "AI in medicine empowers healthcare professionals with advanced tools, not replacements, improving their work amidst a physician shortage. By harnessing data-driven insights and capabilities, AI has the potential to enhance outcomes, reduce disparities in treatment, and develop more efficient, patient-centered care. From redefining how diseases are diagnosed to pioneering tailored treatments and empowering patients with information, the journey of AI in medicine is ever-evolving as new capabilities are continually realized."

SGU remains committed to advancing medical education and innovation. To know more about SGU, click here.
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About St. George’s University School of Medicine

Founded in 1976, (SGU) is a center for academic excellence worldwide. With students and faculty drawn from more than 150 countries, SGU is truly an international institution, with a uniquely global perspective. The by the Grenada Medical and Dental Council which has been recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The school offers a four-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program. Students can also enter the MD degree program from any education system around the world via the five-, six-, or seven-year tracks. SGU has a large network of and health centers in the US and UK, with the unique opportunity for students to begin their medical career in Grenada or the UK.

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