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From Tokyo to Singapore: PRESS BUTTER SAND's First Outlet Opening at Takashimaya

Debuting in Singapore, PRESS BUTTER SAND offers unique butter sandwich cookies, perfected with the 'Hasami-yaki' method for exquisite texture and flavor.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 7 December 2023 - Get ready for a sweet revelation as PRESS BUTTER SAND unveils its first Singapore outlet on 8 December 2023.

Located at Takashimaya Department Store, Basement 2, 391 Orchard Road, this opening is an exciting addition for sweet treat enthusiasts in Singapore. Renowned for its unique approach to butter sandwich cookies, PRESS BUTTER SAND offers a delightful range that promises to redefine indulgence.

The original PRESS BUTTER SAND, a double-layered delight of rich butter cream and smooth caramel.

Crafted for Perfection
PRESS BUTTER SAND stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and innovative industrial design. Its essence lies in small-lot manufacturing, focusing on quality over quantity. Each cookie is baked using a proprietary pressing machine, a technique that ensures both sides are baked simultaneously, creating a distinct texture and aroma that sets PRESS BUTTER SAND apart.

The heart of each cookie is its double-layered filling – a harmonious blend of rich butter cream, crafted with fresh Hokkaido butter, and a layer of smooth butter caramel. This combination not only captures the authentic flavor of butter but also reflects the brand’s dedication to quality.

PRESS BUTTER SAND's dedication shines in its commitment to fine ingredients and craftsmanship. Each cookie, perfected through trial and error, delivers a unique taste experience. Embracing playfulness and constantly seeking new challenges, the brand continually evolves in its approach.

Unveiling the Masterpiece of Confectionery Design
Highlighting the essence of PRESS BUTTER SAND’s meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design is the 'Hasami-yaki' method. This technique not only eliminates excess oil but also ensures a perfect balance of texture and flavor. The original blend of two types of flour, coupled with the abundant use of fresh butter, results in a uniquely rich flavor profile.

This harmonious blend creates a sensory experience that elevates the simple joy of biting into a cookie. The cookies are also ingeniously shaped like a box, preventing the soft filling from oozing out. Intricate striations on the inside not only hold the filling perfectly but also make the cookies easy to break and savor. It's a masterpiece of confectionery design designed for your maximum enjoyment.

Made with top-quality ingredients, these cookies aim to redefine the classic butter sandwich cookie. Additionally, there's a variety of flavors offered, each providing a unique and enjoyable tasting experience for every customer.

Presenting The Lineup
This is the diverse product range launching in Singapore, each meticulously curated to cater to varying palates and occasions:
Original, Uji Matcha, and Chocolate – each with its unique double-layered filling.

  • Original: Experience the true flavor of butter with this classic option. Each cookie features a double-layered filling - rich butter cream made with fresh Hokkaido butter on top and smooth butter caramel below. Available in 5pcs Box ($22.50), 9pcs Box ($37.80), and 15pcs Box ($60.00), it's the perfect choice for those who savor the authentic taste of butter in every bite.
  • Uji Matcha: This flavor is a delight for Matcha and butter lovers alike. The sandwich cookie is filled with a mix of bitter matcha butter cream and sweet caramel butter, creating a luxuriously smooth blend that complements the crunchy cookie exterior. Available in 5pcs Box ($24.00) and 9pcs Box ($40.50), it's a perfect fusion of distinct flavors and textures.
  • Chocolate: A special treat for the cocoa connoisseur, this flavor combines the indulgent richness of chocolate with the smooth, creamy texture of butter. Offered in 5pcs Box ($24.00) and 9pcs Box ($40.50), it's a luxurious choice for anyone looking to indulge their cocoa cravings with a sophisticated twist.

The Origin Story
The story began at Tokyo Station, where the tradition of pressed butter sandwiches started. Their process, known as 'Iron, Press, Heat,' involves using an iron plate to hold the dough, pressing it, and then baking with heat. This method combines old techniques with new technology, a signature approach of PRESS BUTTER SAND.

Each cookie reflects this tradition, mixing age-old methods with modern flavors. The essence of Tokyo Station's craftsmanship is in every bite, showing the brand's commitment to quality.

As PRESS BUTTER SAND expands from Tokyo to Singapore, each cookie brings a piece of this history, offering a simple yet rich taste experience.

Special Opening Promotion
To celebrate PRESS BUTTER SAND's grand opening, the first 500 customers who spend $60 or more will receive a complimentary "Christmas Gift Ornament". This gift box includes three varieties of cookies: the classic Original, and the exclusive Strawberry and Pistachio flavors, not yet available for regular in-store purchase.


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PRESS BUTTER SAND, a unique take on butter sandwich cookies, features fresh Hokkaido butter as its key ingredient, emphasizing the butter's rich flavor. Crafted using the 'Hasami-yaki' method, each cookie achieves a crispy texture and a perfect balance of taste. This artisanal technique involves pressing the dough between two iron griddles, a process that embodies the brand's 'Iron - Press - Heat' principle.

This principle is also reflected in the brand's design theme, which combines an elegant industrial look with simplicity and functionality. From the carefully designed packaging to the store interiors, PRESS BUTTER SAND offers a sophisticated experience that highlights the artistry in cookie-making. Everyone is welcomed to savor an exceptional fusion of artistry and flavor, celebrating the authentic essence of butter in each meticulously crafted cookie.

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