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Mitsubishi Electric Asia Partners with Evercomm to help Decarbonize Manufacturing in Asia

  • New partnership addresses the lack of a standard methodology to trace carbon emissions challenges in a shift to lower carbon solutions for industries ahead of COP 28.

  • Software provider Evercomm enhances decarbonization with its data simulation software, and Mitsubishi Electric provides energy management solutions to help achieve CO2 reductions from Asia to global industry clients.
  • Manufacturing Industry Environmental Responsibility: This partnership enables businesses to be more environmentally responsible. This technology allows for more informed decisions based on third-party verified emissions data, helps industries toward net-zero goals, and accelerates the region's shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 September 2023 - Mitsubishi Electric Asia has announced an ESG-driven partnership with Evercomm, Singapore. This collaboration is created to overcome barriers to adopting intelligent manufacturing initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region with emerging technology towards low-carbon manufacturing.

The top three barriers to adopting intelligent manufacturing initiatives in Asia-Pacific are employee resistance to technology adoption, lack of requisite skills, and need for definitions of the value of smart manufacturing. Manufacturing industries face heightened pressure from growing carbon tax regulations, requiring greater vendor authenticity and governmental compliance on CO2 emissions related to energy use and industrial processes.

This partnership answers to the pressure of this competitive landscape; Mitsubishi Electric and Evercomm bring innovative manufacturing solutions explicitly designed for heavy and automated industry sectors to assess and reduce CO2 emissions more efficiently.

"Data transparency to verify business practices is an industry imperative today - especially when carbon reporting and accountability stakes are high in Asia for manufacturers and all sectors," says Chen Chiu-Hao (Ted), CEO of Evercomm, Singapore. "Our technology supports industries to shift toward lower-carbon practices."

This collaboration underpins Singapore's target of net-zero emissions by 2050. The Singapore government supports the industry to reach a robust manufacturing capacity through green technology. Singapore PM Lee echoed this at the G20 summit recently, stating global cooperation was needed in areas such as forming reliable and resilient supply chains, creating a conducive environment for decarbonisation investments, and smoothening climate transitions through high-integrity carbon markets.

"Ahead of COP 28, we want to lead the charge in transforming the manufacturing sector. By marrying automation expertise with precision in carbon emission verification, we are poised to redefine smart manufacturing practices in the region," explains Kunihiko Seki, Managing Director Mitsubishi Electric Asia.

Through this partnership, Evercomm and Mitsubishi Electric will offer solutions integrating Evercomm's software and Mitsubishi Electric's products to realize carbon neutrality for customers. The companies plan to consolidate manufacturing site data of CO2 emissions and reductions collected by Mitsubishi Electric's SCADA into Evercomm's management software.

This consolidation will offer industries carbon efficiency with transparency and more efficiency. Using this proprietary software increases data authenticity by up to 90%, increases productivity in carbon accounting by up to 80%, reduces external assurance time by up to 60%, and thereby reduces third-party verification costs.

Six Industry benefits from this partnership

1. Carbon Emission Verification: The platform focuses on verifying carbon emissions, a crucial step in accurately assessing an organization's environmental impact. This verification process ensures that reported emissions data is reliable and can be used for decision-making and reporting.

2. Carbon Footprint Management: The platform aims to help businesses and organizations better understand and quantify their carbon footprint. This involves tracking and measuring greenhouse gas emissions from various activities and operations, including energy consumption and transportation.

3. Automation: This partnership offers automation solutions to simplify the process of carbon footprint disclosure. It reduces the administrative burden of collecting and reporting emissions data and provides emerging tech accuracy.

4. Net-Zero Planning: Support businesses in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. This includes planning and management tools to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint and transition to carbon-neutral operations.

5. Digital Transformation: Technology speeds up how organizations report their sustainability efforts. This can make it easier for businesses to integrate environmental considerations into their overall strategy.

6. Regulatory Compliance: Accurate carbon emissions data is often required for compliance with environmental regulations and reporting requirements.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia has pioneered developing carbon-neutral and energy-saving management systems within factory automation, robotics, and industrial technology. These are engineered to reduce energy consumption and optimise operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Their proven solution brings robust expertise to this partnership toward advancing sustainable manufacturing and industrial practices.

By 2051, Mitsubishi Electric pledged to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in their entire value chain and zero greenhouse gas emissions from factories and offices by 2031. The company already offers clients the capacity to monitor energy usage better and implement AI-driven automation of processes. With this partnership with Evercomm, Mitsubishi Electric can now allow industries more effective ways to be ESG-compliant, help their clients improve their digital automation and energy monitoring, and now include greenhouse gas monitoring, thereby reducing costs.

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About Evercomm

Evercomm is a software company supporting businesses to net zero. Its proprietary carbon accounting platform tracks, measures, and analyses CO2 emissions from industries such as water and waste performances, translating them into carbon emission values per ISO 14064-1 standards. All their data undergoes third-party verification, ensuring the integrity of its carbon accounting reports. Headquartered in Singapore, Evercomm collaborates with the United Nations and government agencies in Singapore.

About Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer of products ranging from home electronics, industrial and factory automation, semiconductors and devices, public utility systems, and defence and space systems. Established in Singapore in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has provided reliable, high-quality products to homes, businesses, and industries in Asia Pacific. Mitsubishi Electric Asia seeks to be established as a marketing and engineering hub with its well-networked and strategic presence in the region. At Mitsubishi Electric Asia, we live by our pledged commitment to change for the better with every move we make.

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