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How do new technologies affect relationships and sex?

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New technologies and apps that aim to improve and facilitate daily life are constantly appearing. But thanks to them, the idea, the concept and the way of living human relationships and of acting have changed.

In the past, it took longer to meet the supposed "better half" that each person has. They would start dating, get married and start a new family. Now it seems that thanks to access to the internet and different mobile applications, a stage of liberalisation and experimentation has begun. Even going to meet an escort in Melbourne has changed completely.

The whole process has accelerated, the pace of life has increased and makes you want more in less time. But, to what extent has it affected? Are people really aware of these changes? These are key questions because it can be a point of contact and meeting between different generations who have grown up in different times and with different technology.


They are getting better and more expensive, with more accessories and useful features. And nowadays, who leaves home without their mobile phone? It has become a part of the body, an extension of the arm.

A small computer that ends up containing all the essential information for day-to-day life. In some places they have even written messages on the floor of crossroads to avoid accidents due to the fixation on looking at the screen all the time. 

But that's not all, because thanks to mobile phones you can take selfies, videos and visual content anywhere and in any way, and share it instantly. Not to mention access to the internet and free adult content. 

Dating apps

More and more people are joining this new trend. Essentially it is a very specific type of social network where you can find other people who may be looking for the same thing, as is the case with Skokka, the best platform for adult meetings in Australia

You download it, create your profile, add a couple of photos and... voila! Easy, fast and effective. This way, in addition to all your daily responsibilities and tasks, you don't have to take extra time to go out and meet more people.

Social networks

With Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok, new professions have appeared and gained popularity, mainly those known as influencers. They end up gaining so much fame and followers that everyone joins in to publish content that can attract more attention and increase their own. 

There was even a lot of debate some time ago because Instagram wanted to eliminate the number of likes on posts. And the fact is that, especially among young people, there is a great effort to show how interesting and fun one's own life is. How popular, happy and beautiful they are. 

Even escorts in Brighton have their "professional" profiles on this kind of platforms so that even more people can get to know them and live their fantasy. 

Sex toys

It was impossible not to mention them after observing the success of the popular clitoral suction device, also known as Satisfyer. 

This is a growing and developing sector. Nowadays there are endless possibilities to add some spice and excitement to escape from routine and stress. These include lubricants, costumes, vibrators, edible underwear... and even sex robots. It all depends on how much you are willing to experiment and try.

Virtual reality

It began to be developed mainly for the world of video games. But it can be extended and all its advantages can be used in countless other sectors. Even adults are taking advantage of it. You can already find many online videos adapted to evolve the user experience.

Music, series, commercials and films

Song lyrics, series themes and, in short, all content related to marketing and pleasing the public, end up following fashions. You only have to compare the greatest hits of twenty years ago and the hits of today. 

The evolution and the differences are very clear. Now everything is much more explicit because the sexualisation of everything is more normalised. Even the way we dance.

So how good is all this technology? Not everything is black and white, everything is constantly changing and evolving. It's up to each person to decide how they want to use all these things on a daily basis. 

At the end of the day, sexuality is experienced and understood very differently by each person. Despite all these advances, there are still many prejudices and taboos that need to be addressed. So only time will tell how it will evolve and what new innovations and technologies await us in the future. Will it resemble any of the scenarios depicted in any of the futuristic films?

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