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How Small Improvements Can Make Your Commercial Building More Energy-Efficient

If you're a business owner, you have many responsibilities, including keeping your business' energy use and expenses under control. If you're not careful with your energy use, excess costs can ruin your business' overall financial success. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the average commercial building wastes 1/3 of its available energy. However, wise business managers can make improvements to their buildings to save energy and money.

Start With an HVAC Inspection

The HVAC system and its appliances consume a great deal of energy for your business. To put HVAC use into perspective, according to a recent report by ComfyLiving, there was a global demand for over 110 million air conditioners in 2018. An HVAC inspection would allow an HVAC professional to check the status of energy appliances used by your business and make recommendations that could lower your energy costs. If new HVAC appliances are needed, the inspector will let you know.

Use Smart Technology

One of the many modern trends in technology consists of a system of changes, referred to as Smart Technology. A smart system begins by installing a centralized smart hub, which links to and controls all the systems in your home. With smart technology, the building's lights are automatically turned on and off at programmed times, and the building temperatures are regulated for an ideal comfort level with a smart thermostat. Smart technology also affects the water levels by programming toilet flow and by delaying water heating until you want hot water for heating and dishes.

Examine Your Windows and Doors

In any building, heat and cold have the potential to enter and exit your company's buildings through gaps in their window frames. Placing weatherstripping around the frames of the windows can reduce air loss. The strips should fit snugly against the internal border of the windows. With the weatherstripping in place, there will be less need for your HVAC appliances to run at total capacity, and your company will save money on its energy bill.

Choose Sustainable Roof Materials

The roofs on your company's buildings are a vital component of its energy use. If your roof needs to be replaced, a metal roof with a suitable underlayer can provide you with an energy-efficient roof for your business. You may be interested to know that, according to BCC Research, 90% of the roofing market is involved with a new roof replacement. The significance of this should lead you to carefully select your roof contractor.

Consider Solar Roof Panels

If you want to save considerably more energy and energy costs, you should consider the installation of solar roof panels. In the past, despite their ability to use the sun's energy to produce power, the initial cost of the panels was a hindrance. However, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the cost of solar PV panels has decreased almost 70% since 2014. This could provide the incentive to purchase solar panels and reap their benefits.

Buy LED Lighting Fixtures

You'll need good lighting in your office buildings, and choosing energy-efficient light bulbs may be your best option. According to the EPA, LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs will use 75% less energy than traditional ones. These bulbs work when electricity passes through a microchip and produces light in the diodes. Another benefit of LED lights is that they last longer than incandescent bulbs.

As you're considering changes to your business, look at your energy bills for the past few years. Look at the number of maintenance calls your appliances have required. This information will help you evaluate your current energy consumption and use that evaluation to determine how much your company may need to change. Make your decisions with your company's best interests at heart.


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