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iCompanyAgent: Revolutionising Corporate Services for Accountants in Australia

In the dynamic world of corporate services, efficiency, productivity, and compliance are paramount. iCompanyAgent, an innovative platform designed specifically for accountants, law firms and other ASIC registered agents, is setting new standards in the industry. iCompanyAgent offers a comprehensive suite of services that streamline the process of company registration, trust setup, and compliance with the ASIC regulations.

A One-Stop Solution for Accountants

iCompanyAgent is a game-changer for accountants looking for a streamlined approach to managing corporate services. The platform offers a range of features designed to save time and reduce the administrative burden associated with company and trust management. Key services include:

  • Easy Company Registration: Accountants can benefit from a smart, multi-lingual questionnaire that simplifies the collection of necessary information, instant client eSigning, and an affordable pricing model. The platform also offers $0 + ASIC fee for ACN company registration and $0 for trust setup under trial conditions, *conditions apply.

  • Trust Creation, Variation, and Vesting: The process of creating, varying, and vesting trusts is made simple with pre-defined options, catering to various needs such as excluding foreign persons, setting up fixed unit trusts, and changing trustees, appointors, or beneficiaries.

  • Smart Annual Review: iCompanyAgent automates the annual review process, including the preparation of annual statements, covering letters, solvency declarations, and one-click eSigning. It also provides auto ASIC debt reminders, ensuring that companies remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Comprehensive Document Management: The platform allows for the management of companies, trusts, ACN, ABN, business name, ASIC forms, and legal documents all in one place. This includes smart ASIC forms and engagement letters, generation of TFN, Director ID, and other forms, as well as access to legal documents like shareholders agreements, licensing agreements, confidentiality deeds, trustdeed, and loan agreements.

  • IT Package: iCompanyAgent offers a packaged company domain, website, and emails, providing an annual profit opportunity for agents.

Why Choose iCompanyAgent?

iCompanyAgent stands out from other company registration systems for several reasons:

  • Built-in Free eSigning: The platform eliminates the need for printing, signing, scanning, emailing, and retyping documents, offering a built-in free eSigning feature with intuitive signing functions.

  • Streamlined Processes: Designed with modern technologies, iCompanyAgent offers streamlined and comprehensive processes that are both time-saving and cost-saving.

  • Empowering Business Success: The platform is built to empower the success of businesses by providing easy access to company and business registration services through an ASIC Registered Agent.

Get Started with iCompanyAgent

For accountants and corporate service providers looking to enhance their efficiency and productivity while ensuring compliance, iCompanyAgent offers a compelling solution. With its modern technology and comprehensive service offering, it is poised to become a leading platform in the corporate services industry in Australia.

For more information or to get started, visit iCompanyAgent website or contact them at +61 2 9072 1388 or



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