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Guide on Printing and Binding Your Thesis Like an Expert

One of the most satisfying experiences is the sense of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of one's thesis. You have spent months researching and writing, and the thesis or dissertation is complete. What's left to accomplish is the printing and publication of your thesis.

Nonetheless, you must select a service with an excellent reputation and choose a design aesthetic that inspires honour. Material, colour, and paper quality are all factors to be considered when deciding how to produce and attach your thesis. Corner protectors and ribbons are two additional elements that can be personalised.

In this post, we have chosen several alternatives from our partner to assist you in making a decision. 

Which Binding Option is Most Suitable for My Thesis?

When undertaking a major project or thesis, it is unsuitable to insert a staple and expect the best. It is advisable to verify if your institution has specified precise submission standards addressing the binding of your research paper. We will review each attachment option and explain why they are the best choice for your project. 

Key Considerations When Printing You Thesis

Choosing a sealing for your thesis is one thing; it is relatively another to know how to print your thesis. However, there are many valuable and essential suggestions to bear in mind about the printing process. We consulted with our experts to compile the following exclusive guidance for you:

Main Areas to Consider When Printing Your Thesis


Pick the right colour: Printing in black and white or colour is entirely at your discretion. Your thesis will dictate this. When your dissertation contains many images and charts, colour printing will enhance its appearance.

You will not print and bind a thesis often, so it's important to do it right. Always utilise premium paper and opt for the 100 g/m² option. For example, several services use 100 g/m2 paper routinely.

Opt for the correct paper: The standard weight of paper used by commercial printers is 80 g/m2. When printing double-sided, the print from the back will show through on 80 g/m2 paper since it is so thin.

You will not print and bind a thesis often, so it's important to do it right. Always utilise premium paper and opt for the 100 g/m² option. For example, several services use 100 g/m2 paper routinely.

Cost of production: Paper quality, ink coverage, and page count all have a role in how much it will cost to have your thesis printed and bound. Many services will charge an extra fee if you request extras like colour printing or heavier paper.

Look around the many offers and find a supplier that does not charge extra if you need services like colour printing on your paper.


Tips to Consider When Binding Your Thesis

Selecting an appropriate sealing for one's thesis is an essential evaluation that challenges many students. So, consider the characteristics of the ultimate product when selecting a sealing method. For example, a research paper necessitates substantial investigation and exertion, whereas a typical term paper requires a relatively shorter amount of time.

Additionally, the importance of these publications differs. In contrast to term papers, which generally account for a minor proportion of the final grade, research papers and Master's theses carry significantly more weight.

To elaborate, primary spiral attachment may not be the best option if you are dealing with a large final paper and thinking about your dissertation's production and attachment procedure. Therefore, leather attachment becomes the best option under these circumstances. It's a fitting choice for your senior thesis and will stand the test of time.

Valuable Advice!
Many postsecondary institutions and universities enforce specific attachment requirements. Hence, before concluding, it is important to determine if regulatory protocols exist at your academic institution regarding the production and attaching of theses.

We intend to guide the most suitable attachment options based on the nature of the final paper you submit. 

Selecting the Right Attachment For my Thesis

It is vital that you choose the proper finish for your final paper. Providing an extensive range of alternatives, we shall clarify each category of bound to facilitate a smooth and informed decision-making process. 

Optimal Leather Binding

Leather binding is the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to thesis writing. The cover, which resembles substantial leather, emanates an air of sophistication. By selecting this option with BachelorPrint, one can enhance the overall presentation of their thesis by including personalised embossing, a bookmark, or corner protectors.

Important! Master's theses, research papers, dissertations, and bachelor's and Master's theses are substantial final documents that benefit greatly from leather attachment. 

Versatile Thermal Binding

Thermal binding has the greatest adaptability of any known attachment method. Although it is best suited for shorter studies, it can accommodate far more pages than any other attachment method. It features a transparent front cover, which quickly puts the title of your thesis to the surface. The quality is capped off with a leather-like finish on the back.

Important! Thermal attachment is ideal for lesser research projects and when multiple copies of the final paper are required. 

Creative Softcover

Do you want your thesis to have a significant impact? Then, precisely for you, is the softcover! You are at liberty to determine the appearance of your cover. The cover design for your softcover is entirely up to you, including logos, colours, photographs, and typefaces. Thus, this variety is well-suited for academic disciplines that emphasise creativity.

Important! Although softcover attachment is acceptable for many final projects, its page restriction makes it less so for lengthy dissertations. 

Sleek Spiral Binding

Spiral bindings are the most streamlined and uncomplicated of all the finishing options. The front of the product is transparent. This enables the examiner to immediately identify the subject matter of your Master's thesis or dissertation. Spirals can be found in both plastic and metal varieties.

Important! Spiral bound method is more suitable for the production of brief dissertations. 

Trusted Services for Printing and Binding Your Thesis

Thesis publishing and attaching services can be easily found online, saving you time and effort in your search. BachelorPrint is a go-to source that stands out among the competition. A broad selection of high-quality bindings is available at this online print store, and customers can enjoy free quick delivery, a 3D preview function, and reasonable costs.

Good news include:

  • Express shipment at no cost to you
  • The online store has a 3D preview and a "look inside" feature
  • Excellent quality paper at reasonable costs 

Ensuring a Smooth Thesis Printing and Binding Process

A substantial amount of time is required to complete a thesis, with the printing, publishing and finishing stages being of special importance. Our recommendations will assist you in navigating this process without difficulty, regardless of whether you select a physical copy shop or online services. BachelorPrint is the preferred option for printing and binding of superior quality without any associated tension. Their user-friendly online platform simplifies the thesis assembly procedure, guaranteeing a seamless experience. Best of luck with the completion of your thesis!

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