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What Is a Kelly Bar and Does My Auger Need One?

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Your auger tool uses a spiral-shaped drill bit to bore holes into the earth. However, for some applications, your auger may need additional components, such as a Kelly bar, to efficiently finish a job. What is a Kelly bar, and will your auger need one for every application? Learn more about this tool you can attach to your auger to improve your business.

What Is a Kelly Bar?

A Kelly bar consists of multiple hollow steel tubes that fit inside each other seamlessly. You can either extend this auger component to its full length or collapse the tubes to fit the bar in storage when you’re not utilizing it. The Kelly bar goes inside the drill string for bore drilling, and the friction between the Kelly bar and the drill string or a locking system holds it in place.

Two Types of Kelly Bars

There are two types of Kelly bars you can choose from: interlocking and friction Kelly bars. Interlocking Kelly bars have ribs on the part that connects with lockable systems, such as a locking dog assembly. This arrangement optimizes the torque your auger has while boring drill holes. Friction Kelly bars are exactly what their name suggests; the bar uses friction to create pressure.

Does Your Auger Need a Kelly Bar?

When you need to drill a hole to a certain depth in the earth, a Kelly bar can help you succeed in this application. The bar itself transfers torque and pressure force to reach the maximum drilling depth of your auger. Therefore, if you have a job that requires you to go deeper into the earth, take out your Kelly bar and attach this to your auger. You might not need it for every application, but having one in your tools can make larger jobs more accessible.

Tips for Using a Kelly Bar

First and foremost, you cannot use the tool to its maximum potential if you don’t maintain your Kelly bar. This includes storing the component properly, greasing parts, inspecting it for damages, and making necessary repairs. Purchase your Kelly bar from a respectable manufacturer that uses high-quality materials to ensure your component will be appropriate for all applications. We also recommend working with a damping noise system in conjunction with the Kelly bar to help reduce high-frequency noise while you’re drilling holes.

Now that you understand more about what a Kelly bar is and if your auger needs one, you can better determine if your applications would benefit from this component. This will make the jobs you need to perform much more straightforward. Plus, it’ll provide a suitable amount of torque and force for jobs that require you to drill deeper into the earth. Keep a Kelly bar in your tools to complete applications to the best of your ability.

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