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How Cloud Computing Supports Your Business

Cloud computing is changing the face of the modern business world. Teams offering IT managed service Brisbane wide are now recommending cloud services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole trader or a global corporation, cloud computing can transform the way you work and help you hit your goals. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the cloud computing phenomenon to find out how it can support your business.

What Are Cloud Computing Services?

Cloud computing is any number of services that are delivered over the “cloud” (the internet). That includes things you’re already familiar with, like cloud storage or computing power. If you think of your phone’s ability to automatically backup its camera roll to the cloud, that’s a simple example of a cloud computing service. There are a few main types of cloud computing services used by businesses:

  • Cloud storage – Storing your files on the cloud (like with Dropbox or OneDrive) means they can be accessed securely, at any time from anywhere in the world. Cloud storage also allows files to be synched across multiple devices and users for better collaboration.

  • Cloud analytics – Your local computer has a limited amount of power. Cloud computing can allow you to access the processing power of supercomputers. This isn’t common for small businesses, but many large companies use cloud analytics to perform complex artificial intelligence processes.

  • Cloud backup and recovery – A dedicated backup service can automatically save your files to the cloud. That means they can be recovered from anywhere at any time, improving business continuity.

  • Cloud software – Most new software packages are now fully integrated with the cloud. That means they can be used over the internet from any device.

Manage Your IT Expenses

The cost of establishing, maintaining and upgrading your own IT systems can be huge. While a small business might get away with owning a few pieces of equipment, expanding businesses often outgrow their IT resources rapidly. You have the choice to purchase new equipment and set up your own computing and server networks, but that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can invest in cloud computing services for a fixed monthly fee. Not only are cloud computing services highly affordable, they’re simple to access. With high speed internet and a basic device, your employees have unlimited access to important files, software and information.

Access World Class Security

Cyber security threats are on the rise. With more than 2,200 cyber attacks happening every day, securing your data is the key to business continuity and protecting your reputation. Unfortunately, highly secure systems can be expensive to establish, making them unobtainable for many smaller businesses. On the other hand, the scale of cloud computing providers means they can employ world class security protocols. As a standard part of your monthly fee, you’ll be able to enjoy unmatched security that keeps your critical information secure.

Improved Backup and Recovery Systems

Business downtime can cost your business big. Whether there’s been a malicious attack or a local disaster such as a flood, losing data can be a major blow to your operation. While standard backup and recovery systems provide some protection, off-site cloud backups are the best solution currently available. Cloud backups can be configured to happen automatically. Once your information is backed up, it will always be available over the cloud, ensuring you can get straight back to business after a data loss event.

Highly Scalable

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud computing is the ease of scaling. Is your business growing? Great! Your cloud computing services can grow right alongside you!

Cloud computing is usually billed on an as-needs basis. That means you only pay for what you use, and you can upgrade or reduce your service at any time. So, if your business is growing and you need more storage or more software licences, it’s simple to expand your cloud coverage. This is especially important for businesses that are looking to grow and service more customers. Cloud computing is the perfect solution for evolving your company and reducing your long-term IT infrastructure expenses.

Flexibility for Modern Working Arrangements

The rise of working from home has largely been supported by cloud computing. In the past few years, companies offering IT managed service Brisbane wide have specified more cloud services than ever. The affordability, accessibility and ease of collaboration makes cloud systems some of the most flexible solutions available to modern businesses. Whether your team is working from home or half the world away, the right cloud solution makes it simple to integrate your entire team into the workflow. Not only is that convenient, it gives your business the freedom to attract skilled professionals from across the globe and access world class talent.

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