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6 Reasons Why Proposal Software Will Increase Your Sales

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Writing holistic and straight-to-the-point business plans and winning business proposals are crucial for acquiring new clients and business traffic. So, if documents and sheets like these are the core of your business or you write a lot of them, considering capital spending in proposal software would be a wise thing to do. 

Nonetheless, the question arises if proposal software can generate great content compared to your writing skills. Luckily, it has come to that point of development, and research has also backed that there are piling reasons to conclude that you need proposal software dedicated to your business needs.

Let us walk you through the crucial reasons why this decision may prove significant in generating future business.  

All Design Issues Are Put Aside

The first important feature of specialized proposal software that can be helpful to non-professionals lies in the design of the actual proposals. Because, as you may know, making the proposals look appealing and inviting requires skills or special education. 

Well, proposal software offers many different outlines, and the only requirement for a salesperson or the owner is to create the content. Apart from the template design, you can use appropriate fonts, and colors, enter the logo and do another editing to the proposal. 

The presentation of a company through well-designed proposals can communicate better with the clients and bring more business.

Quicker Financial Inflow

Average overdue invoices are accounted for up to 90 days according to some research. But this may no longer be the case for your company if the right proposal software is used. 

Did you know that in 180,000 cases of integrated pay apps, the average time for proposal payment was 12 hours? The main reason behind this is that the best proposal software solutions come with integrated payment app processors and stimulate the use of credit cards and account for quicker payments.  

This choice can be offered on the invoice through proposal software, providing your clients with the most convenient payment method.

Faster Writing

Writing proposals can quite often be discouraging for a person not so acquainted with that knowledge. On the other hand, the nature of your business may not require hiring a writer for sending out every single proposal to your clients.

Proposal software provides pre-designed software for various industries, such as IoT, sales, etc., making sure you spend minimum time writing. Other apps can offer you the design of proprietary templates used in specific industries.  

Cross-Device Optimization 

Cross-device optimization of a proposal throughout different devices is another important feature of the proposal software. Opening a document in a text or PDF format through mobile apps can distort the outlook of a proposal in many ways. 

That’s why the optimization feature of proposal software is important to always provide a standard appearance of the document no matter which device is used.

No More PDFs

It’s not uncommon to place the proposals in PDF format. Your customers will probably already be used to it. Attach them to your email and send them forth. They will be printed, considered, and in the best case - signed. But, studies have indicated that sending out business proposals as PDFs is the surest way to shoot them down. 

A research study done with a very decent scope has showcased that there is a chance as high as 78% for the rejection of a proposal if it’s being put forth in PDF format. 

This has nothing to do with PDF being an inconvenient or an unwanted method for distribution, that case is that PDFs usually get printed out. Since a proposal has been printed, the chances of it being signed significantly drop. The rationale supporting this realization is that when a proposal is in printed form, it is probably being passed around a bit, which significantly lowers the probability of it getting signed. 

Ease Of Integration

Contemporary proposal software can be integrated into different ways with the sale process, improving its use, unlike the document format.

Proposal software can be embedded with your CRM in a way that can download data to complete the whole proposal. Then, the proposal can be added to your distribution channels and further to the project management device to enhance the aerial view of the deal advancement.

In general, the embedded software helps with proposal writing, saves time, and puts you in a position to efficiently monitor the distribution channels. The scalability of proposal software can further be enhanced with other apps on the market. 

Final Words

We have seen that there are numerous reasons to include proposal software to back your sales system. First, you’ll spend no resources on design. After that, your income will come rolling in more rapidly. Then, it will fasten the production of your proposals. Further, it will optimize the appearance of all devices. You’ll eliminate detrimental PDFs. Last but not least, you’ll integrate the distribution process and CRM. It’s past the right time to hitch a ride on the galloping trend of proposal software.

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