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6 Tips: How Easy It Is To Make Money On Your Hobby

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Psychologists say that unrealized creativity is the most common cause of prolonged depression. Because of unfulfillment and uselessness, people despair much more often than because of unrequited love. The myth that work and a favorite thing are different things has been dispelled a long time ago. Therefore, in this article we will only reveal some secrets, following which you can find strength, desire and opportunities to earn money on your work.

If the idea of ​​​​a big income visits you much more often than creative undertakings, then you should, first of all, develop creative abilities.

1. Decide

Numerous "Julius Caesars" are common. Today he publishes poetry, tomorrow he is a designer of fashionable dresses, the day after tomorrow he decides to write another fantasy novel about celebrities. The first rule of potential development is to precisely determine the scope of application of creative potential. Or at least direct your energy to related areas.

2. Keep learning

Behind the air halo of any creative process is painstaking and long work. In order to be an outstanding musician, it is not enough to know musical notation, one must also be able to work with sound, compose poetry and melody, and solve technical and organizational problems. Only a true professional who is not afraid to constantly learn and improve his skills can climb to the top of Olympus.

3. Know how to present yourself

If you do not belong to the number of quitters, are the happy owner of some kind of talent and know for sure in which creative direction you want to move on, then this is still not enough to create a successful career.

Further, an important point in climbing the career ladder is the ability to correctly present yourself and your own capabilities. Social networks, blogs, forums, special communities and even personal sites are all low-budget and very effective ways to make yourself known and advertise the fruits of your creativity.

4. Right price

And now, finally, everyone knows about you, you work hard and successfully, and there is a demand for your services. The time has come to set the price for hand made. This is where you need to think carefully. Set a price too low - future potential buyers will think that your product is not of great value, and you just want to sell it as soon as possible and refuse to buy.

Analyze the prices of typical goods and services, estimate your chances, conduct a survey among friends and acquaintances on the topic of how much they would agree to pay for your creations. Do not be afraid to give your masterpieces to friends, because this is not only a very nice gift, but also a great marketing ploy, advertising for you.

5. Take every chance

Sometimes life itself gives us a signal to do what we love, and for money. One of my friends became interested in scrapbooking, which is fashionable today. She designed handmade albums and postcards for all her friends for the holidays.

At the next holiday, the anniversary of a school friend, she also presented her with her handmade album. In addition to the birthday girl herself, this gift captivated another of the guests, who turned out to be the owner of a large gift shop. He invited the self-taught needlewoman to sell her work in his shop. A year later, such a pleasant part-time job turned into the business of her whole life. And now she is a successful designer and illustrator.

6. Creativity for money is work

Be prepared that you may even get bored with a hobby and lose its former charm. You will have to face harsh conditions, where there are customers who demand one thing, and then quite another; where there are tight deadlines and no place for a long search for inspiration.

Creative work is exactly the same work as any other, which requires a lot of strength, high efficiency and constant improvement of your skills!

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