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7 Tips to Help You Win at Online Bingo

Playing bingo at an online casino or land-based hall in Poland is purely a game of chance, and that’s just the reality. The advantage is that everyone, regardless of their experience, has an equal chance of winning.

Even though it’s a game of chance, some experts believe that winning consistently is a combination of luck and skill. The truth is there’s no winning guarantee when it comes to gambling; you can only improve your chances of winning.

Bingo isn’t a difficult game. Likewise, the strategies that can be applied when you play bingo online are equally simple. Here are tips to help you win below!

Don’t Play During Peak Hours

Timing matters if you want to win in this game. While you should only play when you’ve got some free time at your end, try not to play during peak hours (weekends or evenings).

When more people in Poland are playing the same game simultaneously, the competition is higher. However, if you play during slow hours there, you’ll have a better chance of winning and earn money bingo without stress.

If you have the opportunity to play when there won’t be so many players online, like early in the morning or late afternoon, take it, and you could increase your chances significantly.

Be Part of a Community

Joining a community of Bingo experts can go a long way in increasing your chances of winning. You’ll meet people who can give you valuable tips and tricks. Thanks to the rising popularity of online casinos in Poland, you can easily find a wholesome community online.

There’ll be players who may have experienced certain challenges or issues and can show you the best ways to avoid them from happening to you. There’s no telling what you can learn when you join an online bingo community, so don't hesitate to try.

Buy Several Cards

When you have more cards for one game, you'll be more likely to have the winning card naturally. Combining this strategy with playing at times where fewer people are competing with you would increase your odds.

This strategy can turn out to be somewhat expensive if you intend to play several games. On the other hand, putting in a little more money to increase your chances of winning is a risk worth taking. Remember that buying multiple cards doesn’t mean a guaranteed win, just better chances of winning.

Prepare a Budget Before Going Online

Sticking to a certain budget is essential with all the chance-based games. Bingo is a game of chance as well. At some point, you’ll lose or win. Nobody can tell which one will happen certainly, so it’s good to have a set budget before playing.

Write down how much you’re prepared to lose in a day and when you pass that threshold – stop. This way, you save yourself from losing too much money and can have something to play with next time.

Understand the Odds of the Game

The odds simply refer to your chances of winning a game. Online gambling expert Jacek Michalski says, “Konieczne jest zrozumienie, ile możesz zarobić na gra w bingo online. Na szczęście kursy dają tę szansę graczom.

It’s okay if you’re not a math person; all you have to do is divide the number of cards in your possession with the total number of cards in the game. Say there are 100 cards in play, and you’ve got 10 cards; your chances of winning are 10% – that’s how simple it actually is.

Choose Your Site Carefully

As much as there are several legitimate casino sites out there, there are also questionable ones. Therefore, you should always choose carefully. Read reviews from professionals and customers; ask friends for recommendations; or make use of a comparison site. Choose an online casino that suits you regarding features, security, and payment options.

You can also search for promotions such as welcome offers or no deposit bonuses that will allow you to win money bingo free.

Try the Granville and Tippet Strategies

The Granville strategy is simple; it involves selecting the numbers on the card that have even distribution and symmetric order.

On the other hand, Tippett’s strategy considers time as a key element. Suppose you can determine the length of a game, the probability that a range of numbers would be called out increases. Keep these basic rules in mind if you’re playing a 75-ball game.

  • * For short games, select cards with numbers closer to either 1 or 75.

  • * For long games, select cards closer to the median numbers 37 or 38.


It’s important to understand that you may not start winning bingo games immediately. Don’t forget that these tips don’t guarantee anything, so always keep an open mind when playing.


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