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How to Write a Capability Statement

Do you want to place yourself for the best available opportunity, and do you need a statement for it? The statement to make you one of the takers of the deserved opportunity is a capability statement. A capability statement is written to project, define and represent yourself professionally.  A perfect capability statement does all it needs to make you the best candidate for your potential client. In a capability statement, there is always a place to express your uniqueness and strength.

Furthermore, capacity statements are constantly used by tradespeople, contractors, and other professionals. For instance, if you are a contractor with government agencies, you are bound to have a compelling capability statement to give your firm an edge over your competitors. This implies that the capability statement is not just written for fun.  It is a big deal that should be treated as such. This article will simplify what you need to know and how to craft an attention-catching one.

Understand your audience.

Unlike a letter of application, a capability statement is very keen on relating with your recipients and what they want. Therefore, before you write your statement, you must know what kind of offer you are bidding for and how to win it. Capability statements are diverse; for instance, a construction firm cannot write a similar statement as a tradesperson. You must also know the satisfactory template your audience want.

While you note what your audience wants, ensure to give them the professional image to provide you with an advantage.

Make your capability statement coordinated.

One key thing to understand about writing capability statements is that its organisation is a key to selling. If you want to be welcomed immediately when your statement is submitted, you have to take cognisance of arranging your template. Making a coordinated template comes with knowing to write first; it must be tailored to suit that purpose. While doing that, you must make your key points concise and brief.

For instance, the first paragraph of your capability statement must have a thoughtful introduction of yourself. You can also summarise what your company is all about and its competencies in your introduction.  The relevance of your company’s competencies to your audience must be shortly but fully expressed. For example, if you are a building contractor, you can briefly state your previous successful project.

More so, you want your audience to know what your company is worth, both in-licensing and accreditation. It is your duty as a company owner to be proud of your licenses and probably your past awards. By giving these pieces of information in your capability statement, you will be able to showcase your firm in a coordinated light.

Eye-catching graphics

A good capability statement is not only rated by its coordination, but also judged by its designs. Therefore, while you put effort into content, you should not ignore the kind of design it is coming with. Giving your capability statement a good design makes it eye-catching, which has a huge impact on the statement. By doing so, you can make it so unforgettable to the reviewers who may have many other statements with them.

In addition, ensure you follow the golden rule of thumb; that is, it must be highly readable. You do not want your reviewer to struggle while reading your statement; embolden your font moderately. Also, your logo speaks a lot about your company; give it a befitting look while sending your capability statement out.

Keep the PDF

To prevent display challenges when your reviewer checks your statement, it is advisable to save it in pdf. There are various kinds of processors out there; since you don’t know what your recipients will use, you can submit the pdf. PDF documents will not change appearance because they are universally designed to fit all processors.

Although, for easy updating, you are advised to keep the word document.


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