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The Importance of Specialization for Shipping Technology

Our world has become totally dependent on technology. Almost everything we do is affected by high-tech advancements in some way or another. Everyone is constantly upgrading to the next best version, and our equipment is only designed to last long enough for the next wave to come along and compel us to purchase something new. But with all this technology moving around the world, there must be allowances made for shipping and installation. High-tech equipment continues to be fragile and easily damaged, and special care should be taken for specialized equipment with high price tags and sensitive tolerances. For this reason, there are now specialized companies for the delivery and installation of high-tech devices, such as laboratory and medical machinery. Here are some of the challenges involved with high-tech shipping.

  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment: Many leading-edge and expensive equipment has been developed for laboratories and hospitals. Both for diagnostic and treatment purposes. There is a lot of turnover of these machines as better ones become available. The delivery of these machines requires highly specialized personnel with specific training, especially when it comes to installation and testing. For this reason, logistics companies like TecDis Network have developed their own departments and trained personnel to be experts on the care and handling of high-end medical devices. Specialization ensures the highest level of care throughout the whole delivery process.

  • Packaging: High-tech components can be damaged in many ways, and they must be handled and stored according to strict guidelines. To help ensure the correct handling of equipment. Companies have engineered bespoke packaging to protect and facilitate safe lifting and transport. A shipper must consider risks, including static electricity, vibration damage, humidity, dust, impact, and water damage. Sometimes equipment needs to be transported in a cleanroom environment, so the packaging must be engineered to be sealed and allow no exchange with foreign elements. Tamper-proof seals and even biosecurity features may be employed. These steps can help lower insurance costs for shipping.

  • Shipping: With sensitive high-value equipment, the item mustn't pass between logistics companies, and only one company should be involved with the whole procedure from manufacturer to final installation. Shippers must be knowledgeable about the equipment's specific requirements and any hazards involved, like radioactive elements, toxic materials, or shock hazards.

  • White Glove Delivery: White glove delivery has been evolving rapidly along with the technology of the age. These are professionals that have the training, the skills, and the correct equipment, to coincide with the safe handling of specific technology. With specialized training, white glove delivery personnel can adapt to unknown circumstances and still provide the safe delivery and installation of devices. Tech companies sometimes have special contracts with a white glove delivery company for exclusive rights to deliver their product.

The specialization of high-tech delivery continues to expand as more and more technology evolves and becomes part of our world. Manufacturers are also considering all factors of delivery in the design of their products to facilitate customer satisfaction. Damaged machinery is of no use to anyone and a significant loss of resources, not to mention time lost in replacing specialized equipment.

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