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The Benefits of Gold Coast Living

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The Gold Coast is known for its natural beauty. It's just the tip of the iceberg, though.

The benefits of Gold Coast living are aplenty. From its stunning beaches to year-round sunshine, here are eight reasons why living on the Gold Coast rocks.

There are Lots of Beautiful Beaches in the Gold Coast Region—A Surfers’ Paradise!

With its blue skies coupled with a laidback lifestyle, the Coast is indeed a surfers' paradise. There's a beach you can dip in everywhere you go!

One of the most famous options is Main Beach, which is east of the Merang River. Mermaid Beach, on the other hand, is right at the heart of Gold Coast city.
Nobby Beach is a haven for surfers who want to play in peace. Located north of the coast is Snapper Rocks, home of the famous 'Superbank.'

If you want to see the cleanest waters in Queensland, then you should buy a house by Palm Beach. It is one of the more famous Gold Coast suburbs, where you can swim and live the good life.

It's Home to Six National Parks, Too

If you're a certified nature lover, then you'll love southeast Queensland. Here, you can enjoy several national attractions, such as:

* Springbrook National Park
* Lamington Park
* Burleigh Head
* Tamborine Park (Gold Coast Hinterland)
* Nerang Park
* Nicoll Scrub

The Gold Coast is the Hub of Many Great Restaurants

If you're a foodie, then Gold Coast is the perfect place for you. Here, you can eat in some of the best restaurants in Australia.

One good example is Rick Shores, which received the Australian Food Guide Chef's Hat Awards from 2019 to 2021. It's the best place to sample excellent Asian cuisine, from beef tataki to sticky pork belly.

If you're looking for more affordable prices, you’ll find many trendy bars at the city’s southern end. Take the case of Frida Sol, where you can buy tacos for as low as AUD 5 every Tuesday.

It Boasts of an Affordable Average Cost of Living

Although the Gold Coast is a surfers' paradise, it's not that expensive to live here. A house here is cheaper at AUD 675,000. In Sydney or Melbourne, you need to spend a ton of money before you can buy one.

Plus, there are lots of job opportunities in the city. With a lower cost of living and the same (if not higher) pay, you are sure to enjoy a comfier life on the Coast!

Public Transport is Readily Available in the City

You may have purchased real estate where everything is within a reasonable walking distance. But if this is not the case, you can still travel to Runaway Bay and even the Sunshine Coast with relative ease. All you need to do is hitch a ride in any of the city's transportation options.

Depending on your destination, you may feel free to take a tram, bus, or train. You can jump on any of these to reach the Burleigh Heads suburb or Rainbow Bay locality.

There are also shuttles to select shopping centres. You can go to the Robina Town Centre or Pacific Fair if you're in the mood to buy gifts for yourself. With a ton of good luck, you may even get to pass by the city's famed highway—the Glitter Strip.

There are Many Theme Parks to Enjoy on the Gold Coast

There are not one, not two, but a handful of parks in the Gold Coast.

There's Dreamworld, which is the largest in all of Australia. It is famous for its attractions, including Tower of Terror 2—one of the fastest rides in the world.

Wet N Wild, on the other hand, is Australia's biggest water theme park. Covering over 20 acres, it's world-famous for its speed coaster and giant wave pool. Another option is WhiteWater Park, which is another beautiful place to enjoy a slew of water sports.

If you love movies, then you must go to the Warner Bros. Movie World Park. Here, you can enjoy an adrenaline rush alongside your favourite superheroes.

Last but not least is Sea World, which is a park-slash-marine sanctuary. It's a place to watch and learn more about dolphins, penguins, and polar bears.

The Coast is Home to Many Exotic Animals

If you want to see and learn more about these faunas, then you should explore Paradise Country. Based in Oxenford, it's a sanctuary of emus, koalas, and kangaroos.

Another place you should visit is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, you'll find lorikeets, Tasmanian devils, and even the occasional saltwater crocodile.

Gold Coast Serves as the Base of Three Universities

This part of Australia is more than just the home of sandy beaches—it's a sanctuary for learning as well. Many international students flock to the city mainly because of its premiere higher education system. One example is Griffith University, ranked 18th out of 37 Australian institutions.

There's no denying that there are many benefits to moving to the Gold Coast. Here, you can enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle—swimming, surfing, even shopping!

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