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Validity Invests in Flagship DemandTools Platform for Continual Delivery of Clean, Report-Ready Data

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success  solutions, launched a V release of its flagship DemandTools product. The data quality powerhouse  enables organisations to market, sell, and support more effectively by making it easier to  continuously maintain clean, accurate, and trustworthy data.  

The past year exposed cracks in CRM software and practices, exacerbating the need for  organisations to better collect and protect their customer data. In fact, a recent study from  ITProPortal revealed the pandemic increased data decay by an annualised rate of 37.5%, rendering  that customer data obsolete. While this may seem like a siloed CRM problem, the reality is that bad  data quickly propagates through an entire organisation leading to much larger implications, often  tied to a loss of revenue and tarnished brand reputation.  

The DemandTools V release reflects these challenges and enables organisations to evaluate their  data in a way that’s secure, easy to use, and can be tailored to fit their needs. New capabilities  include:  

  • Built-in data quality assessment: The newly integrated Assess module allows  organisations to easily understand how strong or weak their data is, revealing where they  should prioritise their time and resources to quickly remediate any issues. Through  ongoing reports, organisations will be able to better pinpoint areas of improvement and  make those changes before it negatively impacts their customer relationships. 
  • Improved user experience: The DemandTools V release features a more modern interface,  including intuitive grouping of functionality organised by the problems data quality teams  are trying to solve, as well as Mac compatibility. From more Single Sign On (SSO) options to  an embedded scheduler, Validity has significantly improved the workflow for CRM admins  and automated the mundane processes that have traditionally bogged down their role.  
  • Increased adaptability: Modules complement each other but work separately, ensuring  organisations are able to easily customise DemandTools for their needs. Long-time users  will appreciate new touches like cross-field comparisons, contact account relationship  merging capabilities, and the flexibility to compare fields for updates and upserts instead  of using a unique identifier. 

“DemandTools is one of the original pioneers of database quality management. We have been  helping organisations solve their most pressing data quality challenges since 2000, and we’re not  letting up,” said Chris Hyde, SVP, Global Head of Data Solutions of Validity. “We are continuing to  push the industry forward and stretch DemandTools’ capabilities to better support the evolving  needs of CRM admins today who are beholden to antiquated CRM software and at times feels like 

they serve the CRM, as opposed to the CRM serving them. With DemandTools V release, our  customers now have access to all the tools and functionality they need to make good, clean data  their top asset and competitive differentiator.”  

“I logged into DemandTools as an admin before I’d even seen the Salesforce login page - and I’m  thrilled to see the investment Validity has made to reboot this incredible tool,” said Gemma  Blezard, Salesforce MVP and Co-CEO and Founder of the Architech Club. “Saving scenarios,  manipulating data right inside Salesforce, and using smart criteria saved hours of admin time,  giving me the space I needed to make Salesforce relevant for my sales users, and the knowledge to  confidently save time migrating data for my clients as I progressed into consultancy. I absolutely  love it.” 

To learn more about the DemandTools update, click here.  

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