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3 Tips to Consider When Choosing LED Headlights

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Do you know that more than 85% of new cars in 2019 had LED headlights? In 2021, if you are still using traditional incandescent headlights and experiencing low visibility while on the road, it is time for a much-needed upgrade. While there is an excess of choices available in the Australian market, from brand names to cheap junk, following this LED headlight purchasing guide will help you choose the best for your vehicle and safety on the road.

Here are the top 3 tips when choosing LED headlights.

1. Colour Tone Is Critical

The LED headlights are available in different colours. The three main colours are white, yellow, and amber. Now, while buying headlights, it is important to ponder about the colour because it has legality issues. In most states, the permissible colours are yellow, white, and amber. So, before buyingLED headlights, check for the legality of colours in the state in which you will be driving your vehicle. Furthermore, the tone of the colour is also linked with external conditions. For instance, if you are driving in areas where there is frequent rainfall or fog, the LED light with a colour temperature of around 6,000K will not be effective. Therefore, it is important to be very careful when choosing the colour tone of the LED’s.

2. Check for Compatibility

Can I fit any LED headlights in my car? The answer is No. Therefore, it is important to check for compatibility issues before purchase. In cars with incandescent halogen lights, the housing of the light has a certain angle and shape that focuses the light emitted from the filament on the road that increases the driver's visibility. Replacing this light with an LED light is not like replacing a bulb in a socket. It is very likely that the position of the light source of the LED light and the old incandescent light may not be the same. In addition, the shape, orientation, and size of the luminance distribution also can create problems if the LED’s and the headlight-housing have compatibility issues. Further, once you replace it with the LED light, always keep car care products to fix any problem if it rises.

3. Warranty is Your Saviour

Toyota Corolla has used LED headlights in their new 11th generation cars. Because of its efficiency, reliability, and lower energy consumption, the demand for the best LED headlights has increased. With the increasing demand, a number of companies have mushroomed in the market selling LED headlights. Only a few reliable companies give warranties for their products. LED lights are an electronic product that can malfunction or break down at any time. Therefore, a warranty is your saviour. So, before buying the new LED headlight, check whether they are providing a warranty card or not.

Given that the majority of vehicles on the road will have LEDs, it is a wise decision to switch to them for your vehicle as well, for improved visibility and a safe driving experience. Just keep the above tips in mind while buying LED headlights.


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