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Ways To Improve Day Trading Performance

Most people new to trading tend to think that if they spend more time analyzing charts, reading books and taking courses, they will improve their trading skills. After all, you need to “spend hours” because there is so much to learn when you get started. Yet spending hours does not increase your income. Now, day trading is a serious job, which means it must not be treated as a hobby, so you should always stay focused and keep unnecessary emotions out of it in order to succeed.

Hopefully, there are many online resources out there providing unique possibilities of practicing your trading skills and getting extra perks and bonuses for new traders, such as Exness with their Exness Bonus program which makes online trading experience even more exciting and beneficial.

So here we offer you to take a look at some general ways to improve your daily trading skills and become a pro trader.

Timing is everything

When the markets open, many orders are placed by traders worldwide, leading to price fluctuations. A smart trader can learn from successful deals made by other traders and choose the right betting option. But for beginners, it is best to watch it for the first 20 minutes without making any market moves. Although high hours provide good gain, it is much safer for rookie traders to evade them at first. Eventually, your trading strategies will change based on what you have learned from your analysis.

Customize your trading plan

Once you have developed a plan, make sure you continue to pursue your desire to stay in the game, even if the initial plan of yours is far from perfect. You might want to be careful with your small sales plan. Opt for a small change and see how it affects your overall results. If there are too many changes in your marketing plan at the same time, it might be overly complicated to accurately separate the modifications that have been made.

Daily improving

As soon as a trader knows how to place an order, calculate the right situation, manage the fear, and prepare a basic plan to stick with, they need to train daily to improve their performance and speed up their work.

It is not enough to read articles and watch videos on trading. Do not hesitate to take action and make a wish list of shares you'd like to purchase later on in addition to constantly keeping yourself informed about the selected markets. Keep track of financial news updates and visit trustworthy websites.

Start small

As an inexperienced trader, focus on 1-2 stocks per session. Searching for opportunities is always easier with fewer stocks. Noteworthy, it has recently become quite popular to trade fractional shares, so there’s a possibility to specify smaller amounts you want to invest.

Strategies to improve day trading performance

Once you have developed your own personal day trading technique, you can use a series of strategies to start making money off day trading.

Here come the most common methods you can incorporate:

Contrarian investing

This strategy presumes the rise in prices reverses and drops. A contrarian trader makes purchases during the fall and sells when the prices are on the rise.


This method involves a speculator exploiting smaller price gaps initiated by the bid-ask spread. The scalping technique usually supposes that you have to enter and exit a position as quickly as possible in a matter of seconds.

Following the trend

Any trader who has incorporated this strategy will buy once prices go up and sell once they drop. It is based on the expectation that prices that have been rising or falling gradually are likely to continue to do so.

Trading the news

If you choose this method, you will need to buy when good news is announced and sell when something bad happens. This results in great volatility, which can bring potentially high profits or losses.

Find a financial mentor

Do you have someone around to help you with your day trading? This person can either be a colleague, a friend, or even a family member with whom you can share your progress, struggles, and plan your next steps. Say, a financial advisor. Therefore, knowing that there’s somebody around to guide them through the nuances of day trading is enough for most newcomer traders to avoid certain mistakes. Another useful option is to join a chat room or an online conference with more experienced traders you’d wish to learn from. However, remember to choose your financial advisor carefully.

Keep it real about profits

Your strategy does not need to bring constant wins to be considered profitable. Most traders only win up to 60% of the trades. Nevertheless, they still make more on their wins than they lose on their losses. Make sure to limit the risk on your trades to a specific percentage of your account, and that entry and exit methods are always clearly defined.

All things considered

Becoming a successful day trader is a hard work. Day trading can be fairly difficult to master. Although it is still believed to be a controversial way to make money online, it can surely make you a good profit. Besides, day traders play an important role in the marketplace by maintaining the markets’ efficiency and liquidity.

While day trading remains popular with inexperienced traders, new users should keep in mind that they need to put in a great deal of work and effort developing their skills to succeed at day trading.

Thus, always remember to follow strict guidelines that will help you build a profitable and reliable strategy. Check your trade daily, and if you don’t, do not trade on that day. Record everything you do, take screenshots, and save notes on your progress. With consistent practice and assessment, you can significantly improve your chances of beating the odds.

Hopefully, this article has provided you solid information you might use to improve your performance as a day trader!

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