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Crafting Excellence, Building Trust: Plumbing with Passion and Skill – Meet John Salmon

With a passion for innovative plumbing solutions in the building industry, from the outset John has a commitment to the development of technical and customer service skills of his team. Grounded in the values of compliance, excellence, respect, and professional satisfaction, John’s approach reflects a commitment to both personal and professional growth within a positive work environment both at Salmon Plumbing and in the wider community. 

Plumbing - Expertise in Energy and Water Efficient Solutions

With an appreciation of the difference that quality plumbing makes to a building and the amenity of the occupants, John’s passion for the plumbing industry has flourished since he embarked on a plumbing apprenticeship in 1985. What commenced as a journey, has evolved into a rewarding and remarkable career. Whilst residential and commercial plumbing remain his core expertise, what truly drives John is his ever-expanding commitment to providing energy and water efficient solutions and the difference that smart plumbing solutions can make on our health and our surrounding environment. 

Business Development

Although John’s Queensland Plumbers’ and Gas Fitters Licences (QBCC Licence 741050) technically didn’t make him a qualified business owner, his unwavering commitment to training and industry development has propelled him forward. Seeking guidance from a business mentor, John solidified his presence, not only in the Brisbane area, but also more broadly with his role on the Board of Master Plumbers for the past 13 years. Proudly contributing to setting statewide industry standards, John is dedicated to ensuring that the plumbing sector upholds the highest levels of excellence. 

Plumbing Industry Recognition

Recipient of the 2023 Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ) President’s Award, John Salmon’s commitment to advancing the plumbing industry is unmistakable. Working tirelessly to enhance industry practices, continuously improve on the skills and professionalism of the plumbing industry, and advocate for sustainability via initiatives like the QLD PVC Recycling Scheme, John envisions a promising future in the plumbing industry. Serving as Chairman for the Specialist Contractors Redundancy Fund and contributing to the QLD Govt. Subcommittee reviewing Homeowners Warranty Insurance, John Salmon’s leadership assures us that the industry's future is in capable hands.


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