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Career Progression: Everything You Need To Know

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The idea behind career progression affects us all during our working life. For example, you may start out pulling pints in a pub. If you are good at this and personable, you may end up in a management position at the same pub in no time. This new role will obviously come with the benefit of a larger salary.

As you can see, career progression isn’t a process that only applies to people in the corporate world. Therefore, you may also want to know more about career progression.

It Starts With A Goal

Your dream job may involve an element of career progression and you might not even know it yet. That means you will need to work your way up the career ladder to get to the place in your life that you want.

For some people, career progression starts at university. Such a move allows you to receive the qualifications necessary to join the career path that you want. For instance, any job role in the medical field will require you to start with this level of education. However, some other roles may take in candidates with a specific amount of experience. Think about your end goal and your career path and ways to progress should become clearer.

It Is A Team Effort

You may find that you have worked at a company in the same position for years without advancing. This lack of a promotion may not be a result of you not being good enough to reach the next stage in your career, you may not have the opportunity to learn or develop the skills you need in your current role.

Employers do not want you to leave their company and join a competitor to achieve the next stage in your career path. That is why they would benefit from providing staff with a training course from iHASCO. Therefore, both an employer and employee can take advantage of teaming up to help you progress in your chosen career,

It Requires Communication

You may be aware of your goals and what you need to achieve them. However, your employer is not.

Speaking about your goals and what you want to achieve in a job interview is a great way to show that you have the drive that an employer is looking for. However, employers speak with a lot of people during the hiring process. The odds of them remembering your individual needs are quite slim. Therefore, you should communicate with your managers at every opportunity if you need their help to achieve your career goals. A monthly one-to-one meeting can provide you with the perfect opportunity to bring up these goals and possible training that you may be looking for.


Career progression is a term that is thrown around a lot in the modern world of employment. However, it is only achievable for those who know what it is all about. Set your goals first, and progressing along your career path should be easy enough.


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