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Locksmith Tools Of The Trade: Insights Into The Equipment Used By Professionals

  • Written by Business Daily Media

It's amazing how a single misplaced key can turn a calm day into chaos. However, a professional locksmith can resolve this problem swiftly, helping you regain access to your home or car.

Have you ever wondered what magical tools they use to unlock a complicated security system? To unravel the mystery behind this fascinating profession, we'll dive deep into the locksmith tools of the trade. This way, the next time you call a residential locksmith in Melbourne, you'll have a much better understanding of what they're doing.

Key Machines

As their name suggests, key machines are used to cut and duplicate keys. These machines come in manual and automatic versions - manual key machines require the locksmith to guide the cutting process, while automatic machines take over once the original key is fitted into the machine.

Lock Picks 

One of the most common tools in a locksmith's kit is a lock pick set. It usually includes a tension wrench, which applies pressure on the lock's shear line, and a rake, which is used to manipulate the internal pins into the correct position to unlock the lock. These tools require a great deal of finesse and expertise to use effectively.

Bump Keys

A bump key is a specially crafted key used to open pin tumbler locks. When the bump key is inserted into the lock and struck with a hammer, it forces the pins within the lock to jump to their shear line, allowing the lock to be opened.

Decoder Picks

These are specialised lock pick tools that also function as a decoding device. Decoder picks are primarily used on combination locks and car locks, providing a way to both unlock the lock and determine the correct combination or key cut.

Plug Spinners

Occasionally, a locksmith might accidentally pick a lock in the wrong direction or need to reset the pins in a lock - this is where a plug spinner comes in handy. It's a tool that rapidly spins the plug (the part of the lock where the key is inserted) in the opposite direction to quickly reset the lock without having to pick it again.

Key Extractors

Key extractors are used to remove broken keys or other foreign objects that are lodged within a lock. These tools are often thin, flat pieces of metal with a hooked end to grab onto the broken piece.

Installation Tools

When it comes to installing new locks, locksmiths need a variety of tools. These include drills, screwdrivers, and hole saws for creating the necessary openings in doors and door frames. They might also use chisels and hammers to make any fine adjustments to ensure the lock fits properly.

Locksmith Software

In this digital age, locksmiths have also embraced technology to enhance their trade. They utilise specialised software to generate keys, decode immobilisers, and program key fobs for cars. They also use databases and apps to maintain up-to-date information on various lock types and security systems.

Whether you're locked out of your house, need a new key for your vehicle, or want to upgrade your home's security system, a professional locksmith has the tools and the expertise to help.

Remember, each lock presents its unique challenge, and not every tool will work for every situation. It's the expertise and skill of the locksmith, coupled with their arsenal of tools, that make a seemingly impossible task look effortless.


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