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What You Need To Know When Buying a New Sim Card

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SIM cards seem to be very simple - you insert it into your smartphone, and most of the time, it starts working immediately. Once you start to go deeper, you realize that these SIM cards are a technological masterpiece. However, whether you are buying a SIM card for international travels or domestic use, you must know everything about them. For this reason, here is a fundamental guide on SIM cards to help you better understand what they really are and the technical terms related to it.

Everything You Need to Know About SIM Cards

How do SIM cards work?

A SIM card has the information required to communicate with cell towers. Let's say that this chip is the ID of your cell phone; therefore, it has something a form of data and transmission system that allows you to make and receive calls, messages, surf the internet or download applications.

How much does a SIM card cost?

SIM card prices vary. It will depend on different aspects, such as the supplier or company. You can also buy New Zealand SIM Cards if you are buying it for travelling purposes.

How to insert a SIM card?

  1. Turn off your phone

  2. Remove the cover of your phone and battery (this is optional, sometimes it is not necessary)

  3. Find the SIM card slot and insert it

  4. Put back the cover and battery of your phone

  5. Turn on your phone

How is the SIM card inserted?

Some cell phones feature a small figure of the SIM card next to the slot where it is to be inserted. But, if not, place the contacts (gold part) of the SIM card facing the phone screen.

How do I activate my SIM card?

You just have to insert your SIM card as explained previously. Then, turn on your phone and wait a few minutes or hours (usually it only takes a few minutes) and that's it! Your SIM card will be activated.

What is stored on a SIM card?

  • The International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number (IMSI)

  • Authentication key (used to identify and authenticate subscribers)

  • Your contact list

  • Text messages

How much memory does my SIM card have?

Most SIM cards have a capacity between 32 and 256 KB. It depends on the type of SIM card.

What should I do if my SIM card is full?

You can try to delete unnecessary text messages or contacts that you no longer need. If it is still full, contact your operator, who should be able to exchange your card for another with greater storage capacity.

Are all SIM cards the same?

No, they are not. These vary in size, use and scope. For example, there are three types in terms of size: Regular SIM card (25x15mm), Micro (15x12mm) and Nano SIM card (12.3 × 8.8mm).

Can you cut a SIM card?

Yes, you can cut it yourself, but it is not recommended to do so. In fact, cutting your SIM card is more risk than a benefit. People cut their SIM cards using scissors and a ruler. Sometimes, they are successful in doing, but it can completely ruin your chip if done incorrectly. 

Can I put my SIM card in another phone and use it?

Yes, of course! But it will depend on the size of the other phone's SIM slot. If it is the same size as yours, it will work perfectly on the other device. You will keep the number and any information you have saved on the card.

Can I buy a new SIM card?

The answer is yes. If your SIM card is not working or you simply want to change your cell number, you can buy a new SIM card. But, remember that changing your card means also changing your phone number.

Can you track a phone with the SIM card?

Technically, yes. SIM cards have a serial number that is transmitted to the nearest cell towers. If your cell phone was stolen, the police would need to obtain a permit from your cell carrier before getting the location data. This will allow them to locate your cell phone.

How do I replace my SIM card?

You can get a duplicate SIM card by simply calling your current provider, in case you lose it. You can also replace it by buying a new one online or at any other store.

Having Troubles With Networks?

There are different possibilities:

  1. Factory defects on the SIM card or cell phone. Don't worry, and it's not your fault. Some SIM cards or cell phones come with imperfections, but for you to know which fault, you need to do two things: First, remove your SIM card and put it in another cell phone. Secondly, try another SIM card in your phone.

  2. Physical damage may occur to the SIM card while it is inserted into a phone. It may result in damage in the internal panel of the circuit.

  3. A mismatched SIM card can also cause failures. Occasionally, this happens when people accidentally drop their phone.  Just turn off your phone, remove the SIM card and insert it again, this should solve the problem.

Is my SIM card secured?

There is an option called SIM Security that prevents unauthorized use of your SIM card. When this option is on, your chip is protected by a code that must be entered before your SIM card can be used on another device.

Will my SIM card serve in another country?

You can activate the roaming service and continue using your SIM card without changing your cell number.

Do prepaid SIM cards work in another country?

Yes, these work. You just have to activate the roaming service, as explained below.

What is Roaming in SIM cards?

In the telecommunications universe, roaming is the ability of a cell phone to make and receive calls beyond the limits of the coverage provided by the telephone company. Despite being in another country, you can communicate through your SIM card, thanks to the roaming service. Therefore, anyone can travel around the world using the same cell phone, except that they must pay an additional cost, according to the rates that the company has, depending on how much data, calls and messages have been used outside the coverage area.


In conclusion, as simple as buying a SIM card and putting it in your cell phone is, it is quite necessary to be familiar with all the features and procedures related to it. Sine mobile phone is widely popular among teenagers, and it has become necessary for every country to sell registered SIM cards to save its citizens from fraudulent activities. Therefore, it is advised to always register your SIM card during its purchase.

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