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Australian based global recruitment agency, Grow My Team

  • Written by Scott Broome

Australian-based global recruitment and staffing agency, Grow My Team, today commences its national marketing campaign to educate small businesses on the financial benefits of local and international staff outsourcing so company owners can minimise employment costs and mature commercially.

According to the most recent 2012 Australian Small Business Key Statistics and Analysis report, the average cost of an employee is in excess of $71,196 AUD due to factors relating to salary, superannuation, annual leave, loadings and infrastructure.

With over 2.1 million small businesses currently operating in Australia, Grow My Team has introduced cost effective part/full time staffing solutions from $6 AUD per hour; allowing small businesses to benefit from qualified Australian and international work-from-home contractors for a third of the traditional cost. For example, a local Admin Assistant would cost employers $55,000 per annum verses $16,000 per annum for an equally qualified Grow My Team Virtual Assistant.

Providing a range of roles from customer service to bookkeepers to marketing executives and even web developers, Grow My Team enables small businesses to scale up affordably with flexibility and minor risk, increase workload efficiency with 24/7 service, widen their national/global footprint, and compete more aggressively with larger companies.

General Manager of Grow My Team, Karyn Lurie, has witnessed a change in the small business landscape with many entrepreneurs turning to technology for a cost effective solution to marketing and growing their business.    

“Many Australian businesses are frustrated by how difficult and expensive it is to hire strictly local staff. Although we do specialise in Australian staffing, we use a range of technology and social media platforms to recruit on an international scale and build a global community so business owners can have access to the best available talent regardless of their location,” Karyn said.

With many of the Grow My Team management staff based in Australia, the US, South Africa, Philippines and other parts of the world, the Australian-founded business currently services a range of credible clients in the small business sector, including Wealth Enhancers, Manufactory S2S, We Love Numbers and Noall + Co.

To learn more about Grow My Team, please visit www.growmyteam.com.au

Founded in 2014 by investors Sarah Riegelhuth and Finn Kelly, Grow My Team is an innovative and cost effective recruitment and staffing solution for small Australian businesses. The technology-driven company connects business owners with experienced and qualified talent from Australia and around the word for a third of traditional in-house employee costs.

Lead by General Manager, Karyn Lurie, the Grow My Team business model is based on interactive collaboration and is run by 6 global contractors from Australia, The United States, South Africa, Philippines and India. Inspired by the founders’ previous experience with using remote staff, Grow My Team grants small business owners the flexibility to inexpensively utilise local and global talent in order to improve commercial productivity.

Avoiding many of the financial and legal risks associated with hiring internal employees, the Grow My Team recruitment process uses the latest technology and social media applications to source, pre-screen, behavioral test and reference check potential candidates. Once shortlisted, Grow My Team organise and facilitate client interviews over Skype and manage the end-to-end integration, training and management.

Starting from $6 AUD per hour, Grow My Team offers a range of 100+ part and full time work-from-home staffing solutions, including but not limited to:

Customer Service Representatives
Sales Force Developers
Financial Planners
SEO/SEM Specialists
Digital Marketing Assistants
Virtual Admin Assistants
Planning Assistants
Graphic Designers
Legal Assistants
Web developers
Social Media Managers
SEO/SEM Specialists

Since launch, Grow My Team has attracted the attention of a number of small businesses and currently represents Wealth Enhancers, Manufactory S2S, We Love Numbers and Noall + Co.



“Grow My Team has been critical in our early success, having launched our business in January this year and needing to scale our team very quickly to meet our growth, we wouldn't have been able to do this without them. The selection process of candidates using Grow My Team has been seamless. Our team members are hardworking, efficient and have integrated as one very quickly with our Australian employees. We have operations in Sydney, Melbourne and New York and having team members in South Africa especially, has really helped us bridge the communication gap between here and the US. From a cost perspective, it's also provided us with fantastic leverage, as we are able to have more team members with the same restricted budget. With our team now spread across multiple time zones we've been able to deliver far more for our clients. The cultural diversity within our business achieved through using Grow My Team only adds strength to our globalisation strategy. I feel good about providing employment opportunities to both Australians and great people in other parts of the world too.”


“I chose Grow My Team because I wanted a like-minded company who understood what I was trying to achieve in my small business and help match people to our company values. Despite being based all around the world, Grow My Team contractors are so efficient that it is as if they are right here in our office. Being a start-up, I needed to be able to bridge the gap between hiring a cost effective freelancer and full-time employee. Having access to experienced people who are looking to become part of a growing business is exactly what I needed; an investor, not just a worker. With the rising costs associated with hiring internal employees, Grow My Team has reduced much of the financial risk, particularly in regards to recruitment, training and wages. They clearly make it possible for small businesses to improve their productivity affordably and smartly. Since enlisting Grow My Team, our business has grown from 2 to 5 people in the last 6 months. We have been able to scale our business through customer success, increase output through new systems and ownerships, and free up my time as the business owner to diversify our customer base and expand into evolving markets.”

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