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5 Amazing Examples of Brand Storytelling

  • Written by News Feature Team

Storytelling seems like it is a new buzzword in marketing, but really, stories are as old as time. Getting storytelling right isn’t easy though, no matter how much practice you have had doing it. That is because your story must appeal to a wide audience and make them feel something while still endearing them to your brand and making them remember it was you that made them feel this way. We have found 5 companies that consistently hit the mark with storytelling commercials that make their brand memorable and endear their current and potential customers to them.




Publix is a supermarket chain that is popular in the southeast United States. Their commercials can only be described as emotional tearjerkers that you love to watch. They show families enjoyed the food purchased at Publix and highlights the meals that were made with the products. Here are a few examples:


It’s More than Just a Birthday with Publix: https://youtu.be/12bw00SoHOE


Sprinkle Joy: https://youtu.be/D-Zfi6LMyXA


Thanksgiving: Nothing Like Being Together at the Holidays: https://youtu.be/BVLOydduvqg  


The Surprise: A Christmas Story from Publix: https://youtu.be/nWv2IpgTjhA


Publix takes advantage of the watchability of these commercials and their YouTube channel is filled with cooking tip videos and much more.




iPhone’s commercials centering around the great photographs that can be taken with the iPhone’s camera. However, the way they weave a story into what you can do with the amazing pictures that you take with your iPhone. You might say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but in these cases, they are worth even more in emotions. Here are a few examples.


Take Mine: https://youtu.be/r8mR33cp_Fk


The City: https://youtu.be/waTteMeg4Ag?list=PLHFlHpPjgk713fMv5O4s4Fv7k6yTkXwkV


Barbers: https://youtu.be/hcMSrKi8hZA?list=PLHFlHpPjgk713fMv5O4s4Fv7k6yTkXwkV


iPhone also takes advantage of more videos on their YouTube channel with more how to videos and instructional videos on how to take certain types of pictures.




Subaru commercials have been telling stories that highlight the safety as well as the longevity of their cars. They are memorable because of those two important factors. Here are a few examples:


Moving Out: https://youtu.be/hcMSrKi8hZA?list=PLHFlHpPjgk713fMv5O4s4Fv7k6yTkXwkV


Rewind: https://youtu.be/PEB5rDJb0vA


Father-Daughter: https://youtu.be/6F3-InOdMP4


The Boy Who Breaks Everything: https://youtu.be/gca0qoOZ8wg


University of Phoenix


The University of Phoenix is one of the most popular online only universities. Their very poignant commercial tells the story of a single mom raising kids and graduating from college. Instead of the dead end job she had, now she is in IT. Here is “We Can Dot IT”: https://youtu.be/2TTd2FmYr0g

Another great commercial shows the hard road that alumni Carlos Ramirez had to get to where he is as a nurse thanks to his degree and all of his perseverance and hard work. https://youtu.be/cxBAylzH-sU


Extra Gum


Sometimes a story can be told in several commercials. This adds more to the story and also helps keep reminding the audience of the previous commercials they already saw. Who knew so much could come from gum wrappers? Here is the Story of Sarah and Juan: https://youtu.be/XLpDiIVX0Wo


Extra Gum found another way to make use of their gum wrappers and tell an emotional story in a commercial with a father and daughter. Here it is: https://youtu.be/wZu5l3PCCHs


Summary and Takeaways for Your Company


How can your company use storytelling to your advantage? Not every business has the budget for such a well-produced commercial; however, don’t let that stop you from storytelling and doing everything you can to help endear you to your audience and tell stories. You can still tell stories via social media channels, post videos on YouTube, and keep the storyline going, increasing engagement. A great way to make your brand memorable and endear your customers to you is with promotional products. You can find the perfect promotional product for your business online at Gopromotional.co.uk. The keys to making a branded gift work is making sure that it is useful, represents your brand well, and helps remind the recipient about your company.