You can make your product better, here’s how

Launching a product is hard work. And to be frank, for product managers it can be downright heartbreaking. Think of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch. Despite all the hard work by the product team, Samsung had to recall the entire line. However...

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Eclipse Travel Expands Operations to New Zealand

Eclipse Travel, specialists in key adventure destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, Africa and Latin America, have announced today their expansion of operations to ...

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How medical professionals can benefit from an overall wealth management solution

As a health care professional, you have made it your life's work to focus on the care and health of the general public. While this kind of work can be extremely rewarding...

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Three directors from ASX Top 50 companies conduct a Hypothetical Board Meeting focused on firing and hiring a CEO

Jane Hemstritch, Michael Ullmer and Peter Hay will demonstrate their skills and share their experience with the Australian board member community on November 2, 2017 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – O...

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Tech Truck Hackathon at Trucking Australia April 2018

The Australian Trucking Association will bring new thinking to old challenges in the Tech Truck Hackathon at Trucking Australia in April 2018. “Trucking is a 40 billion dollar industry and we ...

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Fighting food fraud necessary to protect Brand Australia

PwC reports that globally food fraud costs the food industry over $50 billion each year. It is a growing but largely unspoken menace and Australia is not immune. Brand Australia is being hijack...

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