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Scatters on a Roulette Wheel? What If

  • Written by Levente Ambrus

Scatters are always a big part of a slot game, if they have them, as the symbols are always one you want to hit on a spin. Seeing a scatter symbol playing slots can increase your chances to win money, as you can get free spins, win multipliers, or other bonus features. Scatters are always cool playing slots but let’s think outside the box and imagine that scatters were a part of live casino roulette?

Modernizing Roulette?

Live casino roulette is already an exciting table game that Scatters Casino offers and think of how much more exciting the game would be if there were scatter symbols on the virtual wheel. What would the roulette wheel look like? Where would the scatters be? What would the scatters do? These are all interesting questions to ask when talking about having scatters when playing live casino roulette. The live casino games on Scatters are already great but adding a roulette game with scatters could give a modern twist to the classic table game.

The easiest thing to do if scatters were in live roulette would be to give players another spin or spins of the wheel. However, you could even go further having a pick me bonus game picking certain numbers on the wheel where if it hits you get a multiplier of, say, 3x. You could also make it so the scatter could be part of the bet, as, for example, you could replace the double 0 or number 36 with the scatter and if you bet it and it hits you get a certain amount of free spins with a multiplier.

Comparing Roulette with Scatters to Iconic Slots with Scatters

Let’s check out some of the iconic slots with scatter symbols at Scatters Casino that have scatters and compare to scatters roulette, if it existed. We have theorized about what multipliers could do for maximizing wins playing roulette with scatters. Look at the slots title of Dead or Alive 2 where that game has a whopping multiplier of 100,000x your original bet. Imaging the payout for scatters roulette if there was a multiplier of that magnitude.

Look at the great slot title of Mystery Reels Megaways, which, with a scatter, you can get up to 40 free spins. Again, imagine how much you could rake in playing roulette with scatters if you were awarded many free spins.

Maybe you could build up to free spins and multipliers playing scatters roulette like playing the popular slots title of Bonanza. In that game when you spell out GOLD you are awarded free spins. For every scatter you spin on you get a letter and when you spell GOLD you are rewarded with free spins. Hit on 5 of the scatters when making free spins and you get an additional 12 of them. You could do that for roulette with a type of side bet for the scatter where you can eventually get free spins and even a multiplier.

Scatters Roulette is not a game, but it could be and the possibilities are not only fun and exciting but can be very lucrative as well.

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